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Bike path, fewer traffic lanes, children’s playgrounds and gardens: this will be the new Navarre Avenue in Zaragoza

Rendering of the appearance of the Avenida de Navarra in Zaragoza.

The the works of the first phase of Avenida de Navarra are progressing on time and, on foot from work, they leave Observe the first big changes. The north side, at the exit of the city, where work began last March, already has sidewalks and curbs, in addition to the fact that the first awning has been installed.

Jobs, which cost the municipal treasury €3.9 millionare executed by COPHA and must be finished before the end of first quarter 2023. It will be up to the Paseo Calanda crossroads and, once finished up to this point, continue the renovation up to Rioja street at the Delicias station.

Although there are no specific deadlines, the intention of the municipal team is to invest in the entire axis, phase by phase, the last being the one that will cover from Rioja street to the center Augusta commercial.

Next is They show two photographs of how jobs are today.

The renovated sidewalks are visible next to the intersection of Avenida de Madrid.

The shelter for bus lines 36, 51 and 52 on the avenue has already been installed.

This will be Avenida de Navarra once the works of the first phase are completed

In performance at 16.000 square meters, the avenue will be completely reformed. The sidewalks will be between 4 and 6 meters wide, with a row of trees and rest areas, fountains, gardens or meeting spaces. The renovation of the basement is remarkable, since 2.4 kilometers of pipes will be involved.

The traffic will not have three lanesotherwise of them, in an attempt to calm traffic in the area to improve the quality of neighbors and reduce pollution. Note that private vehicle traffic could be diverted along Ciudad de Soria Avenue, a currently oversized road, according to municipal sources.

In addition, neighborhood contributions have enabled intersection with avenue de Madrid will include a children’s play area. More than 80 trees and 750 shrubs will be installed, in addition to blending into the landscape and controlling both the canopies and other elements of urban furniture: containers, terraces or ONCE kiosks.

This will be the intersection with Avenida de Madrid:

Terraces, medians, bike racks, children’s games and fully integrated green spaces.

This will be the central and final part of the remodeling of the first phase:

View of the entire bike path, avenue, trees and bus stops.

Work on the cycle path begins on Monday, November 21

The Ecociudad company will start throughout the day on Monday, November 21, the construction works for the new bike path on Avenida de Madridwhich will connect the current section between Rotonda de la Ciudadanía and the new section of Avenida de Navarra at the Juan XIII school.

This progress of the works will occupy the right traffic lane on Avenida de Madrid and will force the transfer of the temporary bus stop, currently at the school, to number 24 of said avenue.

The the bike path will be separatedof double meaning, which will be located, as can be seen in the infographic, in the central part of the avenue, in what is today the median. This will connect when all the phases of the works have been completed with the one that crosses the Rioja and continues along Avenida de Navarra and, at the other end, by the Rotonda de la Ciudadanía. Likewise, it will cross and connect with the one that now begins at Paseo Calanda, although there are plans to extend this route through Fray José Casanova towards Ciudad de Soria.

Current state of work.

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