Know the public transport plan that is evaluated during the duration of the works in the Coquimbo tunnel

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Last Tuesday there was an alert about a sinkhole that occurred on Route 5, specifically at the height of the Leader supermarket in Coquimbo, which damaged several cars that were crossing the place and also affected the surrounding houses with water filtration worn.

Likewise, it has caused blocks of miles in the sector, as this road not only connects the inhabitants of the port city, but also hundreds of vehicles that travel south daily.

For this reason, various authorities met yesterday to follow up on the standardization work carried out by Aguas Del Valle (ADV).

“The sanitation company has promised to complete the works as soon as possible, the Sacyr concessionaire and the government to provide support, so let’s work together to unlock people’s problems. We asked that the work be carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that the response times be shortened to restore the free movement of residents,” said the mayor of the port municipality, Ali Manouchehri.

In the same way, he underlined the urgency of having alternative routes to the motorway, such as the completion of the Cisterns Axis.

Meanwhile, the presidential delegate of the Coquimbo region, Rubén Quezada, said that although the mitigation and replacement measures correspond to the ADV, they have a monitoring role so that deadlines and responsibilities are met. .

“You have to attack the urgency first and the learning second, what happened, what can’t happen again and what the challenges are in the future… in an itinerary that is not just communal , but which also affects the whole region and the country,” added the delegate.

At the same time, he maintained that as a government, they want to bring peace of mind to people in affected towns. For this reason, one of its priorities concerns the health of people, to whom sewage enters their homes, which not only generates losses of material goods, but also harms their health and causes other types of difficulties.

“We are going to go towards responsibilities, but always accompanying, because the priority is the integrity of neighbors and neighbors who are not having a good time at the moment,” added Quezada.

For his part, the regional manager of Aguas Del Valle, Andrés Nazer, revealed that they continue to make every effort to overcome this emergency, but these are complex works that will take several days.

Despite this, he assured that his excavation had already reached the collector, which is almost 10 meters deep, and they installed pumps to evacuate the sewage, assess the damage and begin the repair as quickly as possible.

“We want to be careful about the reasons for the sinkhole. We found rags, bricks, stones and cement in the collector, but this is part of the investigation to determine if this is related to the situation. Today, the focus is on overcoming the emergency and the investigation continues in parallel,” the executive said.

Finally, he said that they have already completed the disinfection of the affected places.

“We are in direct contact with each of the people concerned, we have already assessed the damage and we will take care of what corresponds. We regret the effects of this situation on the community, which is why we are committed to resolving it as soon as possible and for this we remain in permanent coordination with the authority,” Nazer concluded.

It should be noted that there have been interruptions on the route, some lights have been cut and rescheduled and the final evaluation of the process on the ground is awaited to work on a detour plan, with the alternative of allowing a turn onto Avenida Costanera and of course leave the caleteras on.


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