Land consolidation works in Langa and Canal de Zuzones will affect some 600 hectares

The council of Langa de Duero hosted this Thursday a meeting between the territorial delegate of the Council, Yolanda de Gregorio and the mayor of this municipality, Iván Andrés Aparicio, during which the representatives of the irrigators of this town on the Soriana shore objective of this meeting was to report on the actions that the Junta de Castilla y León carries out in terms of modernization of irrigation in the region. The Head of the Territorial Service of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, José Manuel Ruiz, and the Head of the Territorial Unit of ITACyL (Agrarian Technological Institute of Castile and León) in Soria, José Ángel Hernández , participated with the delegate.

At the end of last August, the irrigation communities of the Canal de Ines and the Canal de Eza held general assemblies during which they adopted the agreement to sign the agreement with the Spanish Infrastructure Company (SEIASA) for the modernization of their irrigation, as well as the merger between the two communities to share future modernized irrigation infrastructure. This agreement, in the case of the Ines Canal, includes the lands irrigated by it in the municipalities of San Esteban de Gormaz and Miño de San Esteban.

Given this fact, and given that the Ines canal, in its last section, irrigates land belonging to the municipality of Langa de Duero -which in principle is not included in said agreements-, the irrigators of this municipality informed the regional administration of their interest not to be left out of the irrigation modernization process which will soon begin.

The territorial delegate, within the competences of the Junta de Castilla y León, specified that the agreement with the ministry would be supplemented by another to be signed by the irrigators with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and rural development, by which the Government The regional government would contribute 26% of the total cost of non-reimbursable works, in order to lower the conditions for financing the works for irrigators.

De Gregorio told the irrigators of Langa de Duero that the area included in the agreement is already in an advanced phase of the concentration procedure, in the towns of Atauta, San Esteban de Gormaz, Aldea de San Esteban, Soto de San Esteban, Castril de Arriba, as well as Velilla de San Esteban and Alcozar.

Four irrigated lands in Langa

In the case of Langa de Duero, which has a total of four irrigated lands, as well as the area of ​​the province of Burgos irrigated by the Zuzones canal (San Juan del Monte and Zuzones), the consolidation procedures have been more difficult. The irrigation areas of Langa de Duero have a declaration of interest to be able to start the property survey and land classification, while in the case of the Burgos part of the Canal de Zuzones, which begins in Langa de Duero , The preliminary technical study is being developed which will allow the same declaration of public utility in the near future.

With the progress of the land consolidation works in the Langa de Duero and the Canal de Zuzones, which will affect some 600 hectares in total, it will be possible to undertake the modernization of these areas. They will be able to benefit from similar economic conditions for the financing of the modernization, given that the declaration of general interest published in 2021 included all the irrigated surfaces of the area.

The process of land consolidation is mandatory, in Castilla y León, to obtain public funding to modernize irrigation, since it reduces costs and increases the profitability of farms and the efficiency of water use. Once the difficulties of social acceptance of the land consolidation have been overcome, the territorial delegate maintains the commitment to speed up this work as much as possible in order to carry out the objective of modernizing all the irrigation systems of the Ribera de Duero in Soria and Burgos.


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