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Although it was to be put into service on December 15, the Tienditas International Bridge is still closed. Government employees in Táchira were still removing the containers placed there, to prevent the passage of humanitarian aid from Colombia in February 2019.

San Cristóbal. Those who live on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, near Táchira, have waited six years to finally hear that the international bridge of Tienditas will come into service. In 2016, its construction was completed, which cost more than $20 million Colombia and Venezuela.

Located in the municipality of Pedro María Ureña, in the heart of the Colombian-Venezuelan border, the Tienditas International Bridge was built with the aim of relieve the Simón Bolívar and Francisco de Paula Santander bridges what the heavy load was.

And it is that it was not only closed. But since February 2019, the government of Nicolás Maduro, has bet a large number of containers, since Colombia has authorized the collection of humanitarian aid in the depots on your side and, together with the leaders of the Venezuelan opposition, led by Juan Guaidó, the trucks would enter through this place, in addition to the other binational crossing points, for which the government ordered the installation of these containers to prevent the passage of trucks.

In this place, of would be jointly the agencies in charge of permits, security, customs, among others. However, the breakdown of relations between the two countries has frozen the inauguration of this important car crossing. Until today.

Monday, December 13, Nicolás Maduro, indicated that the passage between the two countries would be fully open on January 1, 2023, Therefore, on the Venezuelan side, work has begun to remove the containers that impede passage through the Tienditas bridge.

A team from the Ministry of Transport cut the rods which had “tied” these containers to the railings of the bridge and after starting the dismantling, they checked the condition of the passageway. since they had to check that the structure was not affected by the dead weight of the containers.

small business bridge
The border crossing is the most modern between Colombia and Venezuela. Photo: courtesy

Although the Colombian government, led by Gustavo Petro, wanted to inaugurate the pass on December 15, it was not possible as they were still Táchira government workers, they proceeded to inspect and remove structures that obstructed the passage.

the works were halted for several hours last Wednesday, after one of the workers was discovered wounded by bee stings. A huge honeycomb was detected under one of the containers, which caused the activities to stop.

Local media reported that the injured worker, he is stable. However, on the morning of this Thursday, the firefighters continued the washing work on the few structures which remain in place to avoid future crashes.

modern stage

Its more than 280 meters and six lanes, represent a significant step forward in terms of transporting goods across the border refers, since the other two bridges had only one channel in each direction, therefore the passage was much slower and the trucks in both directions caused traffic jams, both in La Parada de Colombia and in the city of San Antonio.

The qualification of small businessesis also given to prepare the vehicular opening of the bordersince from January 1, the passage of public transport, as well as cars and motorcycles to Colombia and Venezuela will be authorized, which has not happened since 2015.

precisely for speed up import, export, transportation and other processes, The national government created the Junior Customs of Tienditas, attached to the main Customs of San Antonio del Táchira. This measure was formalized by the Official Journal.

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