Laura Hojman, nominated for four Asecans in an edition in which the works of Alberto Rodríguez and Santi Amodeo stand out

The 35th edition of the awards of the Association of Cinematographic Writers of Andalusia, Asecan, made public this Monday its nominations in which the film To the women of Spain. Maria Lejarraga, of the screenwriter and director Laura Hojman, partner of production company Córdoba Summer Films, is competing for Best Direction, Screenplay, Original Score and Non-Fiction Film. Thus, Hojman’s film adds these nominations to its candidacy for the Goya Awards, where it competes in the Best Documentary Film section, and for the Forqué Awards. The Cordovan writer Manuel Lamarca also received a nomination for his work Frederic Wilhelm Murnau in the Film Book category

It is a grid of candidacies in which Alberto Rodríguez and Santi Amodeo stand out, as nominated for best director within Asecan, which also nominated the films of these directors, model 77 Yes The good onesrespectively, so that they compete for the podium of the best band with Olivier’s universe by Alexis Morante and Spring consecration by Ferdinand Franco.

Hojman was ‘very grateful’ for Asecan’s four submissions for Cordovan production film To the women of Spain. Maria Lejarragaespecially for what it means for “to make visible Mary and all the forgotten women“. As Hojman told EFE, these are recognitions “which go beyond the cinema and which come from a social feeling”. She said she was “particularly excited” to rehearse in the directing and screenplay categories, traditionally reserved for fiction, and “as a documentary filmmaker, it’s a source of pride that the work behind my discipline is so valued”. .

The film tells the life of an author who worked hand in hand with Falla and Turina, who founded the journal Helios with Juan Ramon Jimenezy wrote all the works that her husband signed, the famous theater director Gregorio Martínez Sierra, “who received applause and praise”. Its director explained that Lejárraga had to resort to “a very common practice at the time”, and that they did so “not because they were forbidden to write, but because they wanted to be taken seriously”.

In fact, “we are still talking about women’s literature or women’s cinema, and what men do is universal”, and she “wanted to give an outlet to her work, and she would not have been able to create her works if her husband hadn’t signed them”, Guillermo Rojas from Córdoba.

The work ‘Friedrich Wilhem Murnau’, by Manuel Lamarca Rosales de Cordoue, competes in the Film Book Award category

The rest of the nominations

The association has announced that the prizes will be awarded next January in Seville, in an edition in which Asecan also recognizes the the first directors work with the Novel Direction award, which Antonio Palacios will attend for Black people; Bernabé Bulnes, for The salt of life; Dani Sánchez-López, for It’s for you! and Nuria Vargas for controversial.

For him Asecan Screenplay Award Fernando Franco and Begoña Arostegui will compete for spring consecration; Laura Hojman by To the women of Spain. Maria Lejarraga; Rafael Cobos and Alberto Rodríguez for model 77 and Santi Amodeo for the good ones.

This year, for the Asecan AISGE Prize female interpretationthe nominees are young debuting actresses África de la Cruz and Paula Díaz in the good onesNatalia de Molina in The turtle maneuver and Teresa Arboli in the world belongs to you. Male artists nominated for the Asecan AISGE prize Male interpretation are Miguel Herrán for model 77Paco Leon for don’t look in the eyesand Pedro Casablanc who receives a double nomination for his work in Olivier’s universe Yes i can’t without you.

For the Asecan price original music Pablo Cervantes will compete, in double nomination, for To the women of Spain. Maria Lejarraga Yes last unitsJulio de la Rosa for model 77and Santi Amodeo and Bronchio for the good ones.

Pieces Nominated for the Asecan Non Fiction Award they are To the women of Spain. Maria Lejarraga by Laura Hojman last units by Alejandro Toro and Hugo Cabezas, Val del Omar, audiovisual poet of Jesus Pontius, and Velázquez, power and artby José Manuel Gómez Vidal.

In the category of Best Short Film Okay @Buddhistandqueer: from sari to habitby Dani Sanchez Lopez, I love every atom of your body”by Alejandro Lobo foam horse by Juanjo Rueda life between two nights by Antonio Cuesta and mothers-truckers by Paula Romero.

Asecan highlighted the film-themed publications that will compete for the Film Book Award: Gender issue. Women and thrillers in Spanish cinemaof Laura Pacheco Jiménez, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, by Manuel Lamarca Rosales, Film music for women. Women in Dimitri Tiomkin’s filmographyby Lucía Pérez Garcia, and Raphael Gil. The trace of light of a Spanish filmmaker (1913-1986), by Juan Ignacio Valenzuela.

In this edition of the Asecan Awards sA total of 265 entries were received, surpassing last year’s 213including 119 for collective categories and 146 for individuals.

Among the collective categories, 16 feature-length fiction films, 25 feature-length documentaries59 short films, 7 works in other formats, 6 projects promoting cinema in Andalusia and 6 film information spaces.


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