Lighting and patching work scheduled for Friday in Santa Fe

City jobs in Santa Fe

This Friday, October 21, the Municipality will continue the work in the city of Santa Fe.

In this sense, it has been reported that the patch plan will be implemented in:

  • Llerena, between Rivadavia and Belgrano
  • San Lorenzo, between Gorostiaga and Ricardo Aldao
  • Passage Leiva and Cochabamba
  • Irigoyen Freyre, between Belgrano and Rivadavia
  • Irigoyen Freyre and Belgrano
  • Domingo Silva and the Desert Lagoon
  • Lavaisse, between the Republic of Syria and Rivadavia
  • Lavaisse, between Rivadavia and Aristóbulo del Valle
  • Cordoba at 1200
  • Guemes and Cordoba
  • Missions, between October 12 and Santa Fe Avenue
  • Saavedra at 1800
  • Lamadrid, between Crespo and Alfonso Duran
  • Salustiano Zavalía, from the Malvinas Islands to Gobernador Cabal
  • San Lorenzo and Pedro de Vega
  • Castelli, between Castañaduy and Blas Parera
  • Passage JP López and Paraguay, towards Governor Freyre
  • Pedro de Vega, between Facundo Zuviría and Governor Freyre
  • Pedro Ferré at 1500
  • Miter at 4100 and 4200
  • Shooting at 3900
  • Alberdi at 4000
  • Cordoba and Necochea
  • Rodríguez Peña, between Christopher Columbus and the Cabal
  • Roque Sáenz Peña, between Tucumán and Alfonso Durán
  • Azcuénaga, between Estrada and Peñaloza Avenue
  • Juan de Garay and Estrada
  • Juan de Garay and Santiago de Chile
  • Juan Díaz de Solís, between Santiago Derqui and Ruperto Godoy

As part of the Santa Fe se Ilumina plan, the municipal teams are working on the placement of new lighting masts and LED luminaires in different neighborhoods and avenues. The missions will be carried out in:

  • Between Ríos, from Gobernador Freyre to Urquiza
  • Uruguay, from Urquiza to Gobernador Freyre
  • San Martín, from Estanislao Zeballos to Ignacio Risso
  • Saavedra, between Espora and Risso
  • Gobernador Freyre and General López, to the south
  • San Martin and Estanislao Zeballos
  • San Lorenzo, from General López to the north
  • Rivadavia, from Galicia to Javier de la Rosa
  • Garay Park

From around 7 a.m., the cabling of the columns corresponding to the lights around the Parc Garay basins will be carried out. Therefore, safety measures will be taken as the columns will be powered by electricity. In addition, system maintenance is added in:

  • Zavalla, from Risso to 12 infantry
  • Freyre, between 12 Infantry and Risso

Sterilization of pets

The Municipality offers scabies treatment services, cures, deworming, ATB and castrations free of charge and on a first come, first served basis. In the case of castrations, they are carried out exclusively from 8 to 10 and it is necessary to obtain a shift, which is delivered to the same place, at the time of the opening.
This week the focus will be on:

Fixed positions:
IMUSA I, Parque Juan de Garay (Obispo Gelabert 3691), Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
IMUSA II, Botanical Garden (San José 8400), Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
IMUSA III, La Tablada (Teniente Loza 6970), Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Itinerant operating room:
Casilla Móvil, La casa del Nogal (Colastiné Norte Route 1 KM 2.3), Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

It is recalled that for castrations, animals must be fasting for 12 hours, both solid and liquid, and be over 6 months old. Females can be in heat, but not pregnant or less than 60 days postpartum.

It is also requested that dogs be kept on a leash and cats in a transport box or backpack. It is necessary to bring a blanket to keep them warm.

It is also specified that on rainy days the service is not suspended but special precautions must be taken so that the animals do not get wet from having intervened. The veterinary professional may suspend the intervention in a particular case, for health policy reasons or for lack of the required conditions.

Source: Municipality of Santa Fe

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