Line 1 upgrades 15% complete: Sheinbaum

On the occasion of the 53rd anniversary of the Metro Collective Transport System (STC), the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbauminformed that the modernization works of the line 1 They are 15% complete and are in the process of laying the new tracks.

“It’s 15% complete, now almost the whole tunnel has been cleaned, and new tracks and ballast are being laid, it’s a new track laying system, they’re being assembled in the workshops then they are laid in sections of 18 meters. Then comes its fixing and leveling”, he commented after laying the first traces of the new line 1 at Zaragoza station.

Sheinbaum reiterated that at the end of February 2023, the first section of the line 1, which runs from Salto del Agua to Pantitlán. And later they will start with the section from Balderas to Observatorio.

“We are already engaging the CRRC company and the companies that are incorporated in this project, and that is why we come every week, we come personally to supervise the works on line 1 to ensure that there are no delays. “, did he declare.

They celebrate the 53 years of the CDMX Metro

During the Metro 53rd anniversary ceremony, The president of the capital recognized the work of the workers of the STC since she declared that the transport system is the life of Mexico City.

“The metro is not only the life of the workers but it is the life of the city, and without the metro workers this great transport system would not work and would not be what it is today. We owe you these 53 years”.

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In this regard, the director of the Metro Collective Transportation System (STC), Guillermo Calderón, said that after 53 years of operation, it is being modernized with 47 billion pesos with the Metro Energy project, Central Control Center, the modernization of the line 1 .

“Due to the age of Line 1, these systems have entered their useful life and have entered a phase of obsolescence, and although continuing safely, this has been possible through training and commitment of metro workers.”

He added: “The postponement of the renewal of Line 1 further jeopardized the reliability of the operation, the number of breakdowns would have gradually increased since the systems had been in service for more than 50 years and had completed their useful life. .”

STC is in a process of reorganization and strengthening

Guillermo Calderón pointed out that the STC is reorganizing and strengthening the functions related to risk and security management, for which they will revise all the action protocols in the different areas of the metro.

On the other hand, the general secretary of the National Union of Workers of the STC, Everardo Bustos López, said that we must admit the advanced age of the system, but that it has also increased in recent years.

“We recognize that they have invested in the extension of line 12 in the western area and in the complete renovation of line 1, but we do not fail to consider that the modernization does not take place in its entirety but benefits experience in metro technology which is the main asset of the human capital that the Mexico City metro has,” he said.

Meanwhile, STC Child Development Centers Deputy Director Nadia Tapia Ortiz recalled that she was among the first group of female drivers in the world to promote areas of operation that had previously been exclusively male-dominated.

“We have broken through as an international benchmark, making STC a benchmark for the inclusion of women in the workplace,” she said.

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