Looking for the poster of the Albacete Fair 2023

Albacete is already counting the remaining days to celebrate its 2023 Fair. Proof of this is that the Local Council of the City Council has unanimously approved the bases and the call that will govern the contest to choose who will be the poster of the Albacete Fair 2023.

There are about 10 months left for the Puerta de Hierros to reopen and for the people of Albacete to celebrate their Fair again. Thus, it has included the minutes of the Local Government Council of the Albacete City Council only on the occasion of the 2023 Fair and in order to be able to better disseminate and promote this important event for the city, declared of tourist interest international, it is intended to organize the poster contest Albacete Fair 2023.

In the same way, they pointed out that the procurement will be treated without budgetary allocation pending the approval of the budget of the Albacete City Council for 2023, which implies that once this budget is approved, the agreement of corresponding commitment of the expenditure in question will be adopted. Although they approved the budget of 4,000 euros corresponding to the prize established for the winner of this contest.

Albacete Fair 2022 / Photo: Ángel Chacón

Competition to choose the poster for the Albacete Fair 2023

They collect the bases of this contest to choose the one that will be the poster of the Albacete Fair 2023 that the call is open to all national and foreign authors, as well as to professionals representing a business entity in the sector or a union business temporary. In the same way, it is specified that each author can present a maximum of one work with a free theme, adding that the candidates must be fully responsible for the fact that there are no third party rights in the work presented, as well as renunciation to any claims for image rights.

In addition, the works presented must reflect the values ​​expressed for the Albacete Fair, focused on participation, celebration, tradition and the external projection of the city. These objectives must be reflected in the composition of the works, reflecting a festive spirit with a strong advertising and promotional orientation both of the Fair and of the city of Albacete itself.

The execution of posters can be carried out by any procedure. The author must therefore take into account that the reproduction of the poster will be done in four-color process, therefore special gold, silver and fluorescent inks will be excluded. Similarly, these bases provide that the format of the poster will be vertical and 70 cm x 100 cm in size, and must contain an adaptation to a horizontal format for graphic media such as billboards.

This same document specifies that the works must be presented laminated on a 5 mm thick foam panel, without glass or protective frame. If the work is carried out with computer systems, candidates must provide, in addition to a color reproduction that meets the requirements indicated, the corresponding magnetic medium with all the files necessary to obtain photolithographs, a technical sheet of the procedures used, including the sources used and, where applicable, the originals of the scanned images.

The choice of what will be the next poster of the Albacete Fair will be made by a jury composed of representatives of the Association of Professional Designers of Albacete, the School of Art of Albacete, FAVA, the Association of Photography, the Association of the Press and renowned artists. in the field of design and/or plastic arts. Once the jury’s decision has been made, the awarding of the prizes will be carried out by the competent body of the Albacete City Council.

The compositions submitted to the Albacete Fair poster contest must include the following information: Albacete Fair, declared of International Tourist Interest, from September 7 to 17, 2023, and the coat of arms of the city.

Opening of the Albacete Fair 2022 / Photo: Ángel Chacón

A prize of 4,000 euros for the winning poster of the Albacete Fair 2023

In addition, the rules of this competition specify that a single prize endowed with 4,000 euros is instituted for the winning artist. In the same way, it is specified that the winning poster will remain the exclusive property of the Albacete City Council and may be reproduced and used for promotional purposes if deemed appropriate, the winner being able to present the poster to the edition FITUR 2023. .

The deadline for submitting the works will be from the day after the publication of the contest rules in the Official Gazette of the province until December 28, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. Works sent by post or delivered by hand will be addressed to the Department of Culture and Festivals, while the originals must be accompanied by a sealed envelope mentioning the personal details of the author.

The bases of this competition include that posters that violate universal values ​​such as human rights, peace, solidarity, gender equality, conduct, respect for freedom of affective-sexual choice, preservation of the environment, the defense of animals and intercultural coexistence.

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