Looking for work? New Zealand opens call for jobs for over 70,000 people

In the midst of a crisis due to the lack of manpower, the New Zealand government announced a special international appeal that seeks to recruit more than 70,000 new employees eager to build a life project in their country, and in the desired living conditions.

According to international media, the appeal by the New Zealand authorities is made up of several lines of work, but one a particular focus on attracting professionals in health fields such as doctors and nursesas well as teachers and workers trained in skilled technical fields.

The New Zealand government described its call as a plan to make its country “the most attractive place to live”, in a statement even issued by the country’s Prime Minister, jacinda ardern.

This appeal deserves that workers from other corners of the world, including Colombia, they can put their magnifying glass on new destinationsaccessing new opportunities to build a life project, in a country that promises them better life guarantees.

This new call, according to local authorities in New Zealand, comes on top of a similar program launched half a year ago, in which they proposed approximately 94,000 vacancies to international citizens, amid a call that has so far succeeded in providing nearly 17,000 jobs amidst processes that require the granting of the special visa.

According to the Prime Minister, the labor search aims to make his country a more competitive place in the international market, acknowledging that just as they are opening up new job openings, their international competitors are also in the same dynamic .

In this sense, the New Zealand authorities have warned of the advantages of building a life project in a country like theirs, recognizing the guarantees offered in terms of quality of life, derived from better salary standards and living conditions. safer.

In their eagerness to obtain the required skilled manpower, the special call for professionals in the health sectors has even better conditions, noting that in the case of doctors and nurses, labor guarantees are really attractivesince professionals in this branch register directly to be part of a special list in which New Zealand grants an immediate special benefit: the Instant Grant of Residency.

In this sense, international media quoted the words of the head of the New Zealand immigration portfolio, Minister Michael Wood, who underlined the economic power that this country currently possesses and what that means in terms of job guarantees and quality of life for those who take up the call.

As part of this call, the New Zealand authorities pointed out that their country has permanently welcomed, after the pandemic, nearly 3,500 nursing workers, explaining that the demand is even greater, therefore the guarantees for this type of professions are even higher with the aim of making New Zealand a more attractive living alternative.

According to the local authorities, just as doctors and nurses are included on the green list for the immediate granting of a residence permit, the possibility of extending this measure to other productive sectors such as teachers, heavy equipment operators and even butchers.

In New Zealand, unemployment figures are low, standing at just 3.3% according to recent reports from the Labor Portfolio, warning that Although there is unemployment, there are many regions hungry for workers, even more so in the post-pandemic period that ended with a long series of measures that increased restrictions on entering the country.but which have now been relaxed as part of the need to continue to attract labour.

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