Malaga seeks to “show” the great transformation of its historic center with a documentary video

Malaga City Council will carry out a feature documentary on the evolution of the renovation of the historic center of the city from the nineties to the present day. The Consistory awarded the works to Videoproducciones Sur de Televisión for 88 points, the only company that opted for the tender.

This feature film is the third part of a project started in 2019 and entitled long live the street, as reported by the Malaga City Council to this newspaper, with which the city seeks to enhance the transformation of its historic center with a documentary video. The first two parts consisted of the video recording of 35 testimonialson the one hand, as well as the edition of a book where the most important subjects dealt with in the recorded videos were concentrated.

The testimonies belonged to different groups such as town planners, shopkeepers or neighbours, as well as public figures such as José Asenjo and the mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre. The pandemic has delayed the execution of the last two installments, the third of which, as we said, is now entering its production phase with this documentary.

The Innovation Zone of Malaga City Hall, on which OMAU depends, officially proposed this August 26 the adjudication of the contractual file of the company Videoproducciones Sur de Televisión who tendered for the production of the documentary feature film on the renovation of the center for an amount of €90,000, to which is added the amount of €18,900 corresponding to 21% of the total VAT, i.e. a total of €108,900 , with a lead time of seven months.

Points distribution

Among the selection criteria, the price (up to 48 points). The valuation of the offer according to the established criteria turned out to be the maximum because it the only offer submitted to the call for tenders and having increased the price (€90,000, -0.44%).

Another detail that was taken into account during the evaluation the proposal is the experience of the personnel responsible for carrying out the contract (up to 26 points). The offer also reached the full 26 points by fulfilling all the established conditions (delivery of documentation such as work carried out for one’s own account, with its corresponding report from clients, or work for others with a report on working life and a contract and a report of the company with a list of the work carried out outside).

The third criterion is the qualification of the work (up to 26 dots). The quality of the productions produced was evaluated according to the repercussion that their works had at the national and/or international level. The objective data of this repercussion have also been taken into account, such as recognitions, awards or nominations, number of views in RRSS, quotes or reproductions in the media, etc. To accredit this qualification, the Town Hall has requested a list of jobs from the last 10 years, detailing said impact on each of them.

Following these points, more views on the networksbeing the only one who was presented, reached three points. Regarding the obligation to provide links to different social networks of works made in the last ten years, Videoproducciones Sur de Televisión has obtained other three.

As for national and international awards, the company did not provide them, so they did not receive points either. For the thanks obtained they scored five points for being the only bid presented, as well as for the number of citations or reproductions in the media. Therefore, the score The total score obtained in this criterion is 13 points.

After the breakup, the candidate company’s offer reached a total of 88 points: of the price, 48; experience of staff, 26 and qualification of work, 13, which makes a total of 87 points, to which must be added one more, resulting from the negotiation – the tendering company undertakes to carry out the work in seven months, whereas the specifications called for an execution period of eight months.


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