María Escoté: her work with Rosalía, Katty Perry’s dress, her partner and their two daughters

Maria Escote it is one of the most televised fashion designers. The Catalan of 43 years went from a demanding jury to sewing masters be exposed to evaluations by judges in Celebrity MasterChefthe Talent cuisine for which she is one of the four finalists.

The creator didn’t come to the contest with everything to win. In fact, at first it was raised Seriously hard how far I could go. “I didn’t cook anything. The rest cooked more. I didn’t know how to cook, cooking didn’t interest me at all, although I like to eat. So I think I’m one of those who had the lowest level when I started,” she said in an interview with Watch television.

However, despite this disability At the start, the small and nervous candidate showed program after program that she never gives up and played in some of the best moments of this edition.

One of the most applauded was the day when his partner, the journalist Iván Parlorio; the two daughters of the two and their mother They went on the show and their young daughter started crying when she realized she hadn’t voted for the dish her mother had made. “Don’t cry, it’s very good. You did very well because you chose the dish that you liked the most and that’s the important thing, that you always decide what you like,” he told her. she affectionately.

the two girls, Alabama and Lila, 10 and 7conquered the public and their peers with their spontaneity.

Family life in Madrid

Settled in Madrid, in a house located in the heart of the city, at 43 years old, María Escoté enjoys a stable family life. He met his partner in London, around the year 2005, where he moved to study at Central Saint Martins, considered the best design school in the world.

Some time ago he revealed to the magazine come who met her boy via a social network in which he called himself Alabama, the name of the protagonist of one of your favorite movies true romance. “There was no longer any doubt that our daughter was going to be called that,” she said.

Katy Perry at the 2013 MTV Awards dressed as María Escoté. //Getty Images

In this same publication, the designer confessed that the best creative moments of her career were during her two pregnanciess, coinciding then with the international leap of his creations. In 2013, the singer Katy Perry She wore one of her dresses to the MTV Awards gala and it was a milestone in her career.

star designer

The Roar singer is not the only international star to have worn a model of her brand, which she presented in 2006 on the Moda FAD catwalk in Barcelona. María Escoté is one of the Spanish companies present in the wardrobe of Beyonce, Miley Cyrus That is zendaya.

Color, originality, creativity and many references from the art world are the hallmarks of her clothes, which have also conquered the most influential women in our country, such as Paula Echevarria That is rubio pillar. And, of course, of Rosalie, with whom he has signed a successful duet since the release of wrong: the Barcelona native is the creator of two piece red teddy bear set he wore in his hit video.

The Catalan also chose her for the music video of the song i swear that January 2020.

But not only, they declare themselves fans of their creations. A few months ago, the Colombian singer Sebastien Yatra He poses with one of his shirts, initially a female design that the artist does not hesitate to wear.

How tall is Maria Escoté?

The singers made their the fashion that María Escoté presents before on the catwalk. The designer has developed her career surrounded by mileage models, whom she accompanies on very high platforms. Because she, it goes without saying, is very small

“I never felt inferior. My size hasn’t given me any complexes, nor do I know what envy or rivalry is. On the contrary, I like to see and admire a magnificent woman. I don’t compare myself to anyone. And now that I think about it, maybe I should thank the love and acceptance I received as a kid for that,” she says when asked about height differences with peers.

María Escoté ensures that security is standard. The model grew up with a corset and it was not a problem compared to her peers. They were different times. “In a wonderful school where there was no intimidation and no one laughed at me for wearing an orthopedic corset,” he explained in

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