Metro Line 2 closed due to ‘power-up’ issues: Work continues to restore service on Sunday

August 27, 2022 – 7:26 p.m.

What happened?

This Saturday afternoon Santiago Metro reported line 2 remains closedafter reporting “energizing” problems this would have delayed the running frequency of the trains.

Through social networks, users were unhappy because of the long waiting times they had to endure inside the wagons.

What did Metro say?

In its official Twitter account, the transport service notified in the first instance that it remained “detained with a delay in its frequency”.

They later announced that Line 2″ remains closed. Our teams are working on the restoration.”

Meanwhile, from the Transantiago service account, they indicated that after this issue, “support buses are located on the surface making a route parallel to line 2. We are reinforcing the usual surface routes”.

What will happen on Sunday?

“Regarding the L2 function tomorrow: our teams continue to work to restore power and train circulation. We will inform you in good time before the start of the service. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to our passengers,” Metro said of Sunday’s operation.

User reactions

Faced with this situation, various users on social networks have expressed their annoyance at having to spend long periods inside the wagons after the service failure.

Closure of Los Heroes station

In addition, Metro de Santiago reported that the Los Heroes station is closed for its Line 2 and Line 1 service.

Line 1 of Los Héroes is closed and without stopping trains. Line 2 remains closed. Our teams are working on the restoration,” they said on Twitter.

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