Middle Ages, with work and 3 tons of garbage in 100m2, this is how Diogenes Syndrome develops in Spain

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Spain, December 12, 2022

Garbage hoarding disorder, common in people over 65, is increasingly common in people aged 40 and over in Spain. Limpiezas Express operators collect up to 3 tons of waste in 100 m² apartments

Studies calculate around 1,200 new annual hospitalizations among people over 65 in Spain due to the syndrome of Diogenes. It is a reality that, according to cleaning experts specializing in the disorder, has increased after the pandemic and in which, in addition, it has dangerously decreased with the age of those affected.

“They are Calls from 40-year-olds are increasing now, and they have a high rate of recidivism”, report the experts in care of people and property of Limpiezas Express.

In this sense, “1 out of 3 concerned requests the service again after a while”. Supportive care or hospitalization in specialized centers or residences is not so common in middle-aged people and this could make rehabilitation difficult.

In addition, these new features complicate the prevention of the syndrome and increase the likelihood of contracting it. “The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this type of problem. Many were afraid to go out and throw the trash away and they were hoarding more of it at home until it got out of hand.“, they explain to Express Cleaning.

Detection by relatives and close friends is difficult. Many middle-aged people easily hide what is going on. “Some come out dressed and groomed when we start cleaning Diogenes. They lead normal lives away from home and avoid family and friends visiting them at home, out of embarrassment or not detecting the problem.”

“They tend to be middle class, work and live in urban areas. You wouldn’t know they have this problem if you see them on the street.“, point out the experts of Limpiezas Express. Unlike the over 65s, whose families are usually the ones who ask for help, the middle-aged people affected call on their own, and they do it alone. ” They agree to have a problem later from a relatively long period of waste accumulation, and they call us themselves. Sometimes they burst into tears of shame or frustration at having lost their hoarded items.”

Up to 3 tons of waste in a 100 m² apartment
After agreement with the client, the corresponding permits and authorizations from the town hall and neighbors, a team of cleaners calculates the volume of trash and scrap to be removed and go by van or truck with the respective working containers.

Each vehicle is said to fit 6 m³ (about 1000 kg) to pick up trash. “Up to 3 containers in total we were able to remove from a house of around 100 m².” At first, we try to recover what has value from an economic or sentimental point of view, then the waste is removed from the home and transported to recycling centers. All this by keeping the affected person, his family or social services informed, and by managing the presence of the affected person during the work, so that it is as traumatic as possible for him.

this is a type of cleaning that must be thorough and well planned because “there is a risk of damaging the common areas by making, for example, many elevator journeys with hundreds of kilos of garbage, objects and bric-a-brac”.

In addition, close collaboration with social services, psychological assistance and NGOs, who are sometimes the ones who request the intervention and offer subsequent support. Some affected people leave when the cleaners arrive, others are annoyed when the professionals attempt to remove certain items from their homes, despite having contracted the service themselves. Adequate management of the affected person’s expectations and psychological situation is essential to the success of a cleanse due to Diogenes syndrome, and to minimize the risk of relapse for the affected person.

We found cockroaches, spiders, rodents, spoiled food, droppings on the floor, diapers from several years ago, corroded furniture infested with mould, termites and other insects,… But, above all, cardboard and paper; the people concerned do not throw away the parcels and recover many newspapers. It should not be useless waste, but an accumulation of useless objects”, specify the experts.

In this type of action, furniture, clothes and mattresses are discarded for proper disinfection and cleaning of the house. “They try to select what to throw away, but often nothing is spared, the condition of furniture, toilets and the house in general is very bad.”

Express Cleaning, experts in the care of people and real estate
Express Cleaning, experts in care of people and propertyhas been offering this type of floor cleaning for more than 10 years, in collaboration with psychologists, assistance centers and other social organizations throughout the country.

His extensive experience encompasses relations with individuals as well as with public institutions, social organizations and companies, with high quality standards in their results, with short deadlines and with a complete offer.

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