Miguel Cruz: “The problem of accidents and lack of health at work is difficult” – Spanish Church

This weekend the Pastoral Days on Work Accidents are celebrated in Ávila, whose motto is “In defense of life and decent work. ‘No more deaths at work! And let’s strive for it’”. One of the presentations made was offered by miguel cruzactivist of the Cordoba HOAC and president of the Association of Victims of Work Accidents and Occupational Diseases of Andalusia.

He started his speech by talking about the importance of life, something that is our highest good. He explained that “If we want to respect this dignity of life, one of the issues that must be treated with the greatest care is our health, understood in the broadest sense.. Because health goes beyond the absence of pain. In our society, health care is something that is taken into account. In the workplace, unquestionably, it should be like that too.”

Health at work

Cruz indicated that “health at work is more than the absence of illness or accident. Obviously, the eradication of both accidents and all work-related illnesses is already positive, but the ILO goes further. Our worship now is directed to a cruel God: The God of Money. According to his credo, it is licit to use any resource to store more wealth, more power… so it is normal to use even the mercantilist himself, in a kind of modern sacrifice, to achieve her goals “.

A very serious reality

It is estimated that in 2020, approximately 2.7 million people died as a result of accidents at work or occupational diseases. We are talking about 7,500 people every day. These figures represent between 5 and 7% of deaths worldwide.

On the other hand, the number of work stoppage declarations increased from 15,644 in 2012 to 27,292 in 2019 (practically an increase of 75%). After going down to 18,400 cases in 2020 (the year of the pandemic), we are back to 20,510 cases in 2021.

Given this, the HOAC Córdoba member asserts that “One can only “measure” this area of ​​the world of work which is maintained in the light of legality. Both in Spain and in the rest of the world, we know that there is a great deal of activity that remains in the shadow of the underground or informal economy. No one knows for sure what is going on there. What everyone feels is that in these professions where one suffers the worst working conditions, the monster of accidents is also much more savage.”.

Previously, accidents at work were seen as a one-time affair. However, anyone who takes a serious look at this phenomenon will immediately realize that we are dealing with a veritable “worm” in the labor market. “The most tragic symptom of slavery is the lack of respect for the slave’s health. It’s the only way to explain why we continue to suffer two deaths, every day, in our work,” says Cruz.

La Encarnación: dialogue with claims

Finally, he said that “the problem of accidents and occupational health is difficult, difficult to bear and complex to solve. But it is Jesus who suffers in the eyes of all who get sick, injured or die while working. In any situation of human suffering like this, the best model to follow is always the compassion of the Good Samaritan. Given the unjust reality lived, in this case, in the world of work, perhaps the only possible answer for someone who wants to follow Jesus is none other than the Incarnation. For this, it is essential to go, as a missionary Church, to an effective and real encounter with the victims of this unjust situation that we live in our companies”.

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