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The Gandiaga Topagunea in Arantzazulab hosted the award ceremony of the first edition of the MONDRAGON TFG/TFM Awards, organized by MONDRAGON, with the aim of promoting an innovative, sustainable and people-based transformation, to face the challenges posed by the world. After analyzing and evaluating the 260 works received from 29 Basque, State, Swiss and Italian universities, six were the works awarded at this award ceremony, two for each category. Digital transformation, people-based transformation and energy and climate transformation were the categories in which the works were classified, each awarding the prize to the winner, endowed with 2,500 euros, and the second prize, with 1,250 euros . . The event was animated by the presenter Ainhoa ​​Etxebarria, who, among other things, energized the event with a thematic contest whose questions were adapted to the reality of MONDRAGON.

A remarkable level of work

During this first edition of the MONDRAGON TFG/TFM Awards, a total of 260 works were received, 99 in the field of digital transformation, 91 in people-based transformation and 70 in energy and climate transformation. In each of the fields, a jury made up of experts was formed, who recognized the high level of the work presented, especially since this is the first edition of the competition. These were the winners.

Digital Transformation category. Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics.

  • Winner: Daniel Aláez Gómez, student of the Official Master in Aeronautical Engineering at the School of Engineering of the University of León, for his work “Development and modeling of a digital twin”, prepared for the tests of a commercial drone UAV. The jury’s decision wanted to highlight the modeling of the multiphysics systems that govern the operation of this type of UAV drone, the development of a digital twin to optimize flight control techniques using AI, and its great contribution to advancing rigor in this sector.
  • Second prize: Ainhoa ​​​​Garde Royo, Student of the Official Master in Industrial Engineering at the Ecole Polytechnique Supérieure Unibertsitatea de Mondragon, for her work “Design, development and validation of a polymer demonstrator with 3D geometry with incorporated electronic functionality”. The Jury considers that in the design of offering an innovative, durable and intelligent product, a great effort is made to incorporate 3D geometry and electronic functionalities, highlighting its rigor in the development of the design and its contribution to the idea of ​​the innovation point of view.

Energy-climate transformation category. Decarbonization, circular economy and climate neutrality:

MONDRAGON TFG:TFM_irabazlea eraldaketa klimatikoa.jpg

  • Winner: Ane Feijoo Arostegui, student of the Master in Energy and Power Electronics at the Escuela Politécnica Superior de Mondragon Unibertsitatea, for her work “Development and implementation of a predictive energy management strategy for self-consumption in commercial buildings. The jury particularly appreciated in this work the support that the proposal gives to the important sector of self-consumption facilities and its efficiency and improvement in the management of storage units, the creativity and improvement that the work shows at the level of consumer self-sufficiency, and that the proposal includes experimental simulations and validations.
  • Second prize: Haizea Aguirre Puértolas Business application in circular economy Student of the Master in Circular Economy of the University of the Basque Country, thanks to her work “Innovative financial instruments based on circularity and sufficiency for a sustainable built environment in the European Union”. The main reasons for receiving this recognition are the contribution of an innovative perspective to such an important sector as construction through 22 economic instruments and financial schemes and the collection of many different international case studies integrating environmental and socio-economic components.

People-Based Transformation category. Talent, Diversity and Inclusion:

MONDRAGON TFG:TFM_irabazlea pertsonengan.jpg

  • Winner: Garazi Diaz Odriozola, engineering student in Industrial Design and Product Development at Elisava School of Design and Engineering (Barcelona). The winning work is called “Rigid Part”. The jury found that he is helping to solve one of the most worrying problems experienced by Open Arms volunteers during rescues in the Mediterranean and that he designed and tested the reusable device to give stability to drifting boats . Moreover, he combined crowdfunding and entrepreneurial activities to make the project viable.
  • Second prize: Irene Alegre Moral, undergraduate student in Integral Design and Image Management at the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences of Rey Juan Carlos University. Recognized for work on “Feminine Hygiene in Tanzania: Design Contributions”. Her work has been chosen to design a permanent menstruation kit that will be produced there to improve the health and hygiene of students. In addition, from a gender perspective, she offers a comprehensive solution for health, schooling and empowerment and in collaboration with several NGOs because it presented a cross-cutting economic, environmental and cultural vision.

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