Mónica Naranjo, forced to cancel her work for several months due to an unexpected health problem

Monica Naranjo not having a good time and is that her health suffered to the point of forcing her to step off stage and cancel the tour he was doing. This is what the singer herself admitted to her fans, to whom she must communicate what happened to her and to the reason of force majeure why you should put them on their feet at your next show. The artist He has canceled all his professional commitments that he had on the agenda for the coming months. An announcement that was followed by big worry by her fans and in which Mónica Naranjo wanted to calm down a bit explaining what was happening to her using a metaphor in which she is a car and her health problems are the parts of the vehicle that have been damaged and They have to go through the workshop.

Mónica Naranjo has reserved the real health problem she is suffering from which forces her to cancel all her jobs for the next few months, although she has given clues as to what is happening to her through a detailed letter in which he is sincere with his followers. He only revealed that his disease is located in his digestive system and it was feared that it could affect his voicehe therefore had to remedy it before lamenting greater evils.

And it is that at 48, the singer suffered an unexpected pothole that forces him to distance himself from his audience, from his passion and focus exclusively on healing. This is how the singer herself told it through a letter published on her social networks:

“Dear all, I wanted to write you a letter personally. Sometimes life gives you an unexpected obstacle, and when all is well, a spark plug fails and you have to go to the workshop. And this is what happened to the one who writes to you. My digestive system is giving me a hard time and I once had to go to the shop to have a nut adjusted as it even threatened to affect my vocal instrument. Without being particularly serious -I don’t want anyone to worry too much- the advice from my medical team is that i need to save a few months of recovery and, even if I didn’t feel like it, I have a team around me who loves me very much and who forced me to stop despite my roars (because a diva is sometimes complicated when it doesn’t happen not as we want)”, begins to inform Mónica Naranjo of her absence for the next few months for a health problem related to your digestive system that you preferred not to name.

My entire work schedule for September and October has been canceled; suddenly, those who have a Golden ticket, it will be necessary to wait an additional time so that we see each other. But I promise you the hug will be even stronger when we can see each other. My apologies also to the brands and companies whose promotional and professional events I had to cancel and, above all, my deepest gratitude to everyone for all the love and understanding I have received from them”, apologizes Mónica Naranjo. you can cause your health problem to your fans.

“I won’t be able to start a tour in October in Spain either. not be able to attend any rehearsals, or prepare for the show you deserve. My team will be in charge of arranging the dates so that we can see each other again soon and enjoy the music and somehow compensate those of you who had already purchased a ticket”, tries to solve the problem Mónica Naranjo who, as she says, “You don’t choose when these things happen to you, what you choose is how to deal with them. I do it with the greatest hope of finding each other and going on stage at the end of the year. We’ll kick off our #MimetikaTour in Chile in December, then we’ll continue our way through Spain, Mexico and another country I haven’t been able to visit in the past. Thank you all for your love,” he said goodbye.

How old is Monica Naranjo?

The singer is already 48 years old.

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