More than 160,000 euros for sanitation near the Julio Jiménez track

The City Council of Ávila will intervene in the supply and sewerage networks of Julio Jiménez Hill, Madrid Avenue and Fray Luis de San José Street with an investment of 160,000 euros, as reported by the spokesman for the government team, José Ramón Budiño , after the celebration this Thursday of the Local Government Council, in which the tender dossier for the execution of the renovation works of the supply and sanitation corresponding to the area between the Julio Jiménez track, Madrid Avenue and Fray Luis de San José Street in the capital of Avila.

This intervention has a base price of 160,303.69 euros and an execution period of three months, commented Budiño, who explained that “the sanitation of this area consists of an old tajea which has caused serious subsidence issues on several occasions, so the action will include replacing the old pipe with a PVC pipe”.

“In addition”, he commented, “on the Julio Jiménez side, there is no supply network but two pipes on neighboring roads without communication, so that the building which is with a entrance on the slope has old connections. In this case, a new pipe is planned to join those that already exist in the area and, in this way, stabilize the flows and the pressure”.

commercial campaign. The spokesperson for the government team reported that during the meeting of this government body, the tender dossier for the supply of decorative vinyl for the windows of local businesses in Ávila and for the urban bus, as well as scratch and win cards, ballots, posters and other materials that will be used to carry out the project “The business of Ávila is fashionable”.

This will be the trade support campaign that the Town Hall wishes to develop at Christmas. It will have a base budget of 80,200 euros including VAT, of which the Junta de Castilla y León will fund 41,734.55. The design should be related to Christmas, winter and shopping.

transportation. Also, in the local government meeting held this Thursday, the authorization and disposition of expenses for 12,000 euros was proposed, which will be used for an agreement to be signed by the Ávila City Council with the Kerbest Foundation.

Through this agreement, the City Council of Ávila will finance the transport of students from the Agricultural Vocational Training Center, located in La Colilla, so that they can complete the Intermediate Diploma of Technician in Agricultural Production, in accordance with the provisions of the territory of the program . of industrial development for Ávila and its surroundings.

Currently, there are around 30 students who travel daily to this cycle of transport training to go to class, commented Budiño.

The spokesman for the government team, José Ramón Budiño, reported the request made by the spokesman for the municipal group of the Popular Party in the city council, Sonsoles Sánchez-Reyes, after his appointment as a member of the council of administration of the University of Salamanca. “According to the request,” Budiño explained, “going to the regulatory sessions of this council in Salamanca prevents him from being physically present at the sessions of the board of directors of this city council, which are also held on Thursday mornings”. “This is why, he says, he requests your presence by telematic means when the two sessions coincide”, and in relation to this request, “the General Secretariat has submitted a favorable report, for which the assistance of the -word of the group is authorized popular electronically”, confirmed Budiño, who during this appointment, for which he congratulated Sánchez-Reyes, assured that “we hope that from this position he will contribute to strengthening the campus of Ávila with the expansion of degrees and the establishment of services and promotion of the campus.” In order to hold these sessions electronically by the popular spokesperson, the necessary device must be installed to monitor the sessions on his part.

During the meeting of the Local Government Council, as every week, the situation of the reservoirs from which the capital of Avila is supplied, which are at 51% of their total capacity, was reported; this is 5.8% less than a year ago on the same date and 0.7% less than last week. Power is maintained from the Serones and Becerril reservoirs.

The spokesperson for the government team, José Ramón Budiño, confirmed that pending possible legislative changes, the Ávila City Council is currently maintaining the Christmas lighting schedules for this year. Budiño confirmed that “we have already made savings with the choice of LED-type luminaires, with which the savings will be made. Subject to the legislation in force, the dates remain the same, the inauguration is therefore always scheduled for Friday, November 25, and the hours will be from 6 p.m. which would be from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. It’s the same program as last year.

“Our objective is to boost the socio-cultural and economic activity of the capital through this Christmas illumination, and therefore, if there was any legislative change, it would be applied. To date, there is no political, technical or administrative step that would modify this timetable,” said the spokesperson for the government team.


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