more than 36,000 euros per year

The automotive industry has been one of the most affected economic areas during these two years of the pandemic, confirms the Salary Guide published by Adecco. The difficulties that manufacturers had to overcome after factories closed in the pandemic and the problems that followed, such as the semiconductor crisis They open a new panorama for the sector for the next 2023.

All of these factors obviously influence in jobs and salaries, as well as the profiles that will become the most sought after in this job market. According to the study, all forecasts indicate that it will be next year that the situation in the sector will stabilize, an industry that is of particular importance in Spain.

In fact, Spain is currently the second largest vehicle producer in Europe after Germany and the ninth in the world. Even so, production has fallen by 7% over the past year, amounts to 2,098,133 vehicles, and up to 25.6% if compared to the figures for 2019.

In terms of employment, The automotive industry accounts for 9% of work in Spain, with more than two million workers in the segments of production, sales and repair and other related services. According to data from the Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers (SERNAUTO), more than 326,000 jobs (direct and indirect) are generated in the manufacturing sector of automotive components alone, and they estimate that there is still room for growth. 2% for the remainder of 2022.

The best salaries and the most sought-after profiles

Thus, the salaries (less than 40,000 euros) of the profiles analyzed for the automotive sector, from highest to lowest, by the Adecco guide were as follows. Dealership sales managers take the top spot and the highest annual salary and mechanical workshop workers close the list.

Wages in the automotive sector in Spain.

Regarding the job application, companies are facing a major labor shortage which is particularly noticeable in certain positions. Thus, in the case of the automotive sector, the profiles most in demand over the past year have been mechanics and sales consultants.

On another side, the necessary electrification and connectivity of new vehicles due to the future ban on the production of combustion cars and the growing trend towards more autonomous cars, car sharing or factory automation and digitization; They showed that the demand for professionals continues to grow in this sector.

With this context as a basis, professional profiles will be needed in the near future related to the development and management of components such as batteries, electric motors and software, as well as a significant reorientation of existing profiles to adapt them to greater automation.

Salary increase

The lack of suitable technological profiles means that the salaries offered by companies increase every year.

Ultimately, wages held up well last year. The most difficult profiles to cover, such as concession sales manager or manager, were the best paid among salaries below 40,000 euros per year, which are those considered in this study. Salaries for other positions have also increased, such as: CNC Machining Center Specialist, Assembler – Fitter, Automation Engineer, Workshop Manager, Maintenance Engineer and Process Technician.

In summary, The automotive sector currently invoices almost 94,000 million euros, which represents about 10% of the Gross Domestic Product of our country. The automotive industry in Spain has 17 automotive plants, 15 technology centers and 10 automotive clusters, to which must be added more than 1,000 automotive component production plants belonging to 720 business groups.


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