More than fifty unemployed Zamoranos will be hired into jobs to prevent fires

The Vice President of the Board of Directors, Juan García-Gallardo, today announced the direct concession of 13.7 million for local entities to promote the hiring of unemployed in terms of maintenance and cleaning of forest areas that prevent fires, promote local trade and for the acquisition of agricultural machinery that contributes to reducing occupational risks in the agricultural sector. This is how it was transferred today to the representatives of the Provincial Councils, the Bierzo Regional Council and the municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants to announce these measures from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and ‘Use.

During the meeting, which was also attended by the Minister of Industry, Trade and Employment, Mariano Veganzones; the general secretary of the department, Alberto Díaz Pico; the Director General of Trade and Consumer Affairs, María Pettit; and the Director General for Work and Prevention of Occupational Risks, Fernando de la Parte, has been informed that the amounts allocated to the development of these three programs will be 100% advanced in order to inject cash. The vice-president of the Council stressed the importance of coordinating all the administrations in order to “be able to execute the budget effectively and ensure that it reaches a greater number of Castilians and Leonese”.

In terms of promoting local trade, the Council intends to “bet” on a sector which “is going through a critical moment”. For this reason, the vice-president started the meeting by talking about “the importance of local commerce for the region”, both for economic activity and to maintain the tradition of our land. Thus, the regional government will release two million euros between municipalities of more than 10,000 inhabitants.

At this time, the sector, which is still dragging the period of inactivity of the pandemic, “also has to deal with inflation and the strict measures imposed by the central government in terms of sustainability and which prevent its development and growth” .

For these reasons, the department that runs Veganzones will provide direct grants to local entities so that they can launch projects and promotional campaigns that help promote and support local retail.

Rural Occupational Health and Safety

In terms of occupational risk prevention in the agricultural sector, 6.7 million euros will be allocated to provincial councils. In another area of ​​great importance for Castilla y León, the rural environment, direct subsidies will be granted to municipalities to finance the purchase of agricultural machinery.

In the strategy for safety, health and well-being launched by the ministry, one of the six objectives that make it up is the promotion and development of safety and health in rural areas.

It should be noted that the agricultural sector of Castilla y León recorded, in the period between January and September 2022, a total of 1,298 accidents with work stoppage, which represents 6.6% of the total.

Faced with these data, Garcia-Gallardo affirms that “the Junta de Castilla y León has set itself the immediate and preferential objective of reducing work accidents in rural areas” which, in addition, will have an impact on an “improvement of business fabric and will contribute to the installation of the population in the rural areas of the region”.

The activities which will be subsidized will be those which have a direct and favorable impact on the improvement of health and safety conditions at work. This will involve the acquisition or adaptation of agricultural and livestock machinery, the conditioning of agricultural and livestock buildings, the storage of agricultural, energy or phytosanitary products, among others, and access to facilities.

Recruitment of the unemployed

Finally, and as announced in the summer, the hiring of unemployed workers will be encouraged to perform tasks in the forestry sector that contribute to the recovery of burned areas and the prevention of new fires. For this case, five million euros to hire 417 workers, with figures varying between 39 in Valladolid and 54 in Zamora, as well as around ten in the Bierzo region.

The ministry boasted of a “commitment to cutting unnecessary spending and investing in policies that have a direct impact on Castilians and Leonese”. For this reason, through this aid, the hiring of unemployed workers for the provision of public services related to the carrying out of environmental protection works and the adaptation of infrastructures for public use is encouraged.

During the meeting, the Vice-President remarked that “the virulence of the fires which have devastated the Community this summer requires the immediate implementation of urgent actions”.

For this same reason, the Ministry has endeavored to activate this program which includes exceptional and specific reconstruction measures in the affected areas, so that they contribute both to alleviating the environmental situation and improving the quality of life. residents of the most damaged municipalities. .

The Ministry of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Development will collaborate in the design of the said development, as well as in the proper execution of the works.

The maximum amount to be financed for each contract will be 12,000 euros for a period of 180 full-time days.

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