Mossia ANS consortium resumes work to complete Moss double track, Norway

Acciona and its partners in the Mossia ANS consortium have completed summer works on the Sandbukta – Moss Sstad railway line in Norway, which forced the section to be closed during this period. The work, which was to last 10 months, was completed in just six weeks.

The Mossia consortium, made up of Acciona and Implenia Norge AS, was contracted by Bane NOR to develop the InterCity project in southern Norway. The project consists of the construction of two tunnels which will complete the railway line between Sandbukta, in the north of the country, and Sstad, in the south.

I am impressed by the good performance of the teams. This is a very good sign for the remaining works and I am convinced that Mossia will deliver a state-of-the-art railway line to Bane NOR, said Huberto Moreno, CEO of Construction at Acciona, who visited the project on September 5 .

For Acciona, it is essential to always offer high quality in all the projects in which we participate. We do this by adopting solutions that promote sustainability, technological development and local value creation. In Norway, we combine international experience with local knowledge, which will allow us to continue executing great projects in the future, said Huberto Moreno.

The project went through a difficult period after Bane NOR canceled a kilometer of work in the center of Moss last February, due to, among other things, difficult ground conditions. Although the cancellation was a challenge for the project, the remaining nine kilometers are carried out as planned and at high speed in the two tunnels.

The Mossia consortium maintains a good collaboration with Bane NOR and, after a new agreement, the project continues.

Deed of signature of the contract for the construction of the undersea tunnel in Finland.

Acciona signs the contract for the construction of the third longest underwater tunnel in the world

Acciona, together with its partner YIT, has signed the contract with Helen, one of the largest energy companies in Finland, for the construction of the third longest underwater tunnel in the world. This is a project to recover heat from seawater from the Salmisaari power plant for use as a district heating or district heating system for the Finnish capital.

The event was attended by Huberto Moreno, CEO of Acciona’s construction business, Juha-Pekka Weckström, CEO of Helen and Pasi Tolppanen, Executive Vice President of Infrastructure at YIT.

The project, worth more than 400 million euros, consists of the construction of an underwater tunnel about 17 kilometers long, the third longest in the world with these characteristics, using a tunnel boring machine, to capture sea water at a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius .and about 70 meters deep in the Baltic Sea.

Acciona’s entry into Finland allows it to consolidate its position in the Nordic countries, where it already has three other projects in Norway.

As far as the purpose of the infrastructure is concerned, it is the first project of these characteristics to be built by Acciona, which already has extensive experience in conventional tunnels and with more or less complex tunnel boring machines for railway works or subways around the world.

Thus, the company has extensive experience in underground construction, with more than 600 kilometers of tunnels built. Among them, the longest railway tunnels in the Nordic countries (22 kilometres) in Norway or the Legacy Way tunnels in Brisbane (Australia), a work that has received numerous awards both for its technical execution and for its environmental protection measures. ‘environment.

In addition, Acciona has participated in the construction of metro lines in cities around the world such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Dubai or, more recently, in Brazil (Line 6 of the São Paulo metro), one of the largest transport infrastructure works in Latin America.

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