Navarre and the State intensify work to close the transfer of traffic “before the end of the year”

The Government of Navarre and the State have “intensified” work in recent weeks with the aim of closing the transfer of traffic before the end of the year. If this materializes, it would mean advancing three months to the date that EH Bildu agreed with the executive of Pedro Sánchez, March 31, 2023, as part of the budget agreement. There are still economic differences between the parties, which they will try to resolve in the coming days to sign the transfer before the end of 2022.

Neither the Civil Guard withdraws to Navarre nor the transfer of Traffic is a transfer to EH Bildu


As the government delegate in Navarre, José Luis Arasti, said this week, the members of the two executives “have met” in recent days to try to resolve the last fringes of the agreement. “The will is that” it can happen throughout this month of December “he underlined.

From the regional government, its spokeswoman, Elma Saiz, stressed the importance of “technically detailing” the execution of the transfer, which “has an economic impact and some technical breakdowns”. In recent months, significant differences have emerged between governments regarding the economic cost of the transfer, an amount that once agreed, Navarre will deduct from the amount it pays annually to the State for the powers not transferred under the economic agreement.

The signing of the transfer, once completed, will not entail the withdrawal of the Civil Guard of Navarre, which will continue to exercise its exclusive powers. Even in the years to come, it will continue to operate on the roads of the foral community, as the foral police still do not have the necessary officers to compete effectively at present. In total, he had about 1,089 men at the end of last year for all his tasks, including public order or citizen security. And he would need about 120 more. For this reason, the agreement will establish a timetable for the replacement to be effective in “about five years”, once the foral corps has been reinforced and the Civil Guards who have wanted to change the color of their uniform through the catwalk contained in the police law of Navarre have already been transferred.

Trafficking is a historical claim of Navarre and defended by all democratic regional governments. In the LORAFNA, the equivalent in Navarre of the Statute of the rest of the Autonomous Communities, the existence of a provincial police is provided for with the continuity of the functions that it already exercised before this regulation and which can extend its powers in accordance with the statutory provisions .

In 2000, UPN President Miguel Sanz was the first to reach a “compromise” with the executive of José María Aznar for the transfer of these functions to the Foral police. Subsequently, Uxue Barkos (Geroa Bai) reached an agreement with Pedro Sánchez in 2018, which was ratified during the executive of María Chivite (PSN).


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