Negrete: Families accuse accessibility problems due to works on the Nahuelbuta road


More than 25 families from Villa Coihue in the municipality of Negrete have expressed their annoyance at the works underway in the municipality to allow the new Nahuelbuta Road, and which maintains them with various inconveniences, one of which is the impediment of access their own homes.

The newspaper La Tribuna spoke with the president of the number three neighborhood council of Villa Coihue, Francisca Fernández, who told some of the main inconveniences of the families of the passage Las Araucarías, who even installed various posters in their houses to publicize their dissatisfaction with the situation. that affects them.


In this case indicated that “los vecinos del sector de Las Araucarias de Villa Coihue son los más afectados por los trabajos que inició ruta Nahuelbuta y la empresa que está ejecutando el proyecto, y el malestar de los vecinos es por los accesos que están perdiendo a his houses. For example, they lack entrances and exits because of the works that have started and because of the expropriations that have been carried out, and they were not warned in advance,” he said.

Along with this, he listed the issues families face as a result of the work being done in the area, where he clarified that “what happens is that there are times when access to their homes and the passage of Las Araucarias are closed. Indeed, the company carries out daytime work and these accesses are closed, and they are left with an entrance and an exit that have been made temporary”.

In this sense, he added that in order to provide a more concrete response to the families, the company in charge of the works must resolve various complications: “To provide a more definitive solution, something associated with Canalistas must be intervened, and they (l ‘company) must obtain authorization from this association to intervene in the canal, to be able to build a more resistant bridge for the entry and exit of vehicles with more loads, and this requires more time because now this cannot be done because of the irrigation season, from what they told us”.

Addressing the complications that neighbors presented during the development of works in the area, Francisca Fernández said that “this project has been in progress for three to four years, but even so, there was very little information and everything was very uncertain .They assure that the information was sent to the neighborhood councils, which was not uploaded in time, and by that I mean that they sent it by mail, and here the signal is very bad and not everyone has access to the mail, on top of that there have been very few meetings,” he said.


The concession company of the Nahuelbuta road referred to this issue, where it indicated that “as a concession company, we carry out the works that are disputed under the concession contract, which therefore include two phases of the project , one of construction and the second exploitation of the road conceded”.

To the above, they added that “regarding the mitigation measures of the project, we continuously monitor their compliance, according to what is indicated in the tender bases, namely the flow of irrigation in the work area and the Rachel mesh, in this last point, in Coihue there is constant monitoring to replace those damaged unfortunately by the wind and/or other events with new meshes”.

Finally, they added that: “We have held various information meetings with residents of the area, first during the peak of the pandemic with leaders of neighborhood associations, to later this year go more face to face . With Villa Las Araucarias de Coihue a meeting took place a few weeks ago, where they were attentive. During the same meeting, other topics of interest and/or relevant to them were discussed, thus generating a common channel of information management”.


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