Néstor Lorenzo began his work with the Colombian national team with goalkeepers

The era of Néstor Lorenzo in the Colombian national team begins with a microcycle of goalkeepers: “these are merits that we have earned” Credit: Colombian Football Federation

Alvaro Montero, Kevin Mier, William Cuesta and Juan David Valencia finished the second day of training at the sports headquarters of the Colombian Football Federation. There under the orders of the goalkeeping coach Alexandre Otamendi they did a double work session. In the morning, the four players had a medical evaluation, followed by a warm-up in the gymnasium to end with rapid reaction work on the field of play. Later in the afternoon, they performed training exercises. precision and worked on ball stopped.

The four goalkeepers attended the media before the afternoon session where they all agreed in their admiration for David Ospinathe starting goalkeeper of the last three playoffs and features in each of the national team eras. In addition, they highlighted the importance of processes such as microcycles with players Colombian football.

The guardian with the most beautiful gift among those summoned is Alvaro Monteroplayer CF Millionaireswho is currently one of soccer players with the most games without a goal against in the world. The old guardian Sports Tolima he underlined the good relations with his colleagues and spoke of the responsibility that comes with being called to the microcycle, “I feel too responsible, it increases the level of personal competence I need to have and a greater commitment to the institution I represent”.

Montero insisted in his answers on his admiration for David Ospina and Camilo Vargaswho alternated the parties of Colombian selection years: “No, here we are all very good goalkeepers. total awe with David and Camillo and for all those who share our position. Share with David It makes you admire everything he has achieved in football and the confidence he shows.”

Finally, the process that has been part of the calls for Colombian selection in skills and America’s Cup He highlighted the good time of Colombian footballers abroad and what he expects with the arrival of the new technical staff commanded by Néstor Lorenzo:

“You always have to give continuity to the good work, the new technical staff will come with their approach, their style of play and their ideas. But the base of Colombian football is important and there are many referents who stand out at the international level”.

The the youngest player calls for training at headquarters sports Colombian Football Federation is Kevin Mier, goalkeeper of National Athletic. This underlined his passage through the various Colombian selection processes and the happiness of again wearing the clothes of the “coffee producer” team. He also recalled when he shared a team with Franco Armani and the lessons he learned from him:

“It’s an opportunity to continue to grow as a footballer and as a person. In selections I have been since I was under 15, I have followed the whole process and it is an immense pleasure to share with my teammates (…) These are merits that we have won. Franco left very important things in National Athletic and he was a person who I learned a lot”.

This Thursday, August 31, the national team will have the last morning work unit with which the first goalkeeper microcycle of the Néstor Lorenzo era will end.


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