New Market and Municipal Parking of Almuñécar: 12 months of execution, 40 jobs, 200 parking spaces and more than 5 million investments

This Monday the act of setting up the works was signed and the machines entered to start the works

The machines start working on the construction site (EL FARO)

With the signature of the establishment on the site of the former municipal market by the town hall, the drafters of the project and the contracting company of the works, the starting signal has been given to make a new public car park and municipal market in Almuñécar a reality. Twelve months of work are planned, which began today with the mechanical dismantling of the old car park floor so that the new building can be built on top of the new one.

The signing ceremony took place in the presence of the mayor, Juan José Ruiz Joya, who was accompanied by the mayor of Town Planning and coordinator of the entire procedure and treatment of the project, Javier García, as well as the Deputy Mayor, Beatriz González. On behalf of the publishers of the project and the joint venture of the Almuñécar market, Nico Alexander Heinz, and the representatives of the company CHM – Obras e Infraestructuras, have awarded the works for the construction of the new market and the municipal parking lot of Almuñécar for a amount of 5,235,469.93 euros, VAT included, and an execution period of 12 months, since it obtained the highest score, once all the evaluation criteria had been assessed.

The project of the new municipal market of Almuñécar will have 40 stalls, the number of concessionaires that existed before the market was freed due to the risk of collapse, with 2,600 m2 built. The 8,000 m2 car park will have more than 200 spaces.


After signing the staking, the town councilor Javier García said that it was a “very special and important day, for the government team, for the municipality, for the region, the concessionaires and for me, in particular, because it has been a very hard time, but we are here to start the construction works of the new municipal market of Almuñécar. This is long overdue and necessary work to revitalize this area again and bring back the life and fervor that this area has always had, which as I say is very important for the government team and for dealers,” the city mayor said. Planning.

García acknowledged that “we have suffered many obstacles, and although I do not want to go into all the obstacles that have been imposed on us again, because today is a positive day and congratulations to all of us, because as I say, it was very hard work, very silent, work which cannot be seen, which was not accompanied by photos and propaganda; but I have already said, he added, we suffered obstacles, we have suffered price increases, and here is the construction management and the company who will give a good account of it. This is going to be a very difficult job which we have left for now, we must put our minds to it. agreement on many points, but between all of us, I am very sure that we will get it off the ground”, he declared before recalling that the project has a period of execution of 12 months, “which Hopefully he can go to bed, but in 12 months at the most we will have a new parking lot and a municipal market here in Almuñécar,” he condemned.

The authorities sign the act of implementation of the works (EL FARO)

For her part, the first deputy mayor, Beatriz González, expressed her satisfaction with the start of the works, so important for everyone. “It is true that the process was long, which is why we show the happiness of this government team. It is a joy to see the start of work on this long-awaited market,” said the mayor of Almuñequera.

The Mayor of Almuñécar Juan José Ruiz Joya, reflecting the sentiments of the Mayor of Urban Planning and the First Deputy Mayor. Beatriz González said: “Today is a day when we all have to be really happy. After many months of work, of going through very bad days, many months and a few days of despair, it must also be said, of pain and disappointment other times, because we did not understand how someone one who was born and lived here could continue to put up obstacles every day so that this deal could not happen,” the mayor said.

“What we have done all these days is work and work in silence, knowing that the reports that our technicians had prepared and everything that we have defended throughout this procedure until today when we are going to start the works, was scrupulously within the framework of the law, ”said Ruiz Joya.

For Juan José Ruiz Joya, we must now think positive. “We have to think about the future, today work on this market will finally begin. From today we have 12 months to build the Municipal Market of Almuñécar; a modern, functional market, open to the city, where pedestrian streets will be put into operation that will widen the life of the city much more and, above all, a market that we have always defended as traditional, with traditional stalls and that it to be integrated into Almuñécar”, underlined the first sexitan mayor.

“Let’s hope that all this time we have left between now and the end goes as well as possible; We have no doubt, like everything in life, that there will be problems to solve during these 12 months, but what I can tell you is that from this government team we will continue to work as we have done it so far, in silence and on everyone with a single objective which is to do good in Almuñécar and that this market can be built as soon as possible, ”sentenced the councilor of Sexta, Juan José Ruiz Joya.

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