Night shifts in civil engineering and on the road network

The main works in Bogotá will have 11,127 active workers this week, thanks to the entry of 162 new people, mostly unskilled labor, that they found in the projects of the Urban Development Institute (IDU) a job opportunity.

Of the total number of workers, 1,500 are assigned to the night fronts and 114 will be dedicated to strengthening the city’s bridges.

This was announced by director of the IDU, Diego Sánchez Fonsecawhich highlighted the commitment of some contractors to involve more workers in the work to speed up the work and meet the deadlines established in the schedules.

The projects that attract the most people are: 68 avenues, city of Cali and extension of Caracaswhich are part of the first line of the Bogotá metro, with 4,855 active workers for this week, of which 323 work between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.

3,338 people will work on 68th Avenue, 251 of them are scheduled for activities on the night fronts.

Ciudad de Cali Avenue has 997 active workers, 20 of whom will work nights and the Caracas extension will have 483 people, 52 of whom are assigned to the night shift.

Other works that concentrate a high number of workers are: Guayacanes Avenue, which has 908 active workers in the three sections, 24 of whom carry out night activities; Patio La Reforma, with 466 during the day and 11 at night; Laureano Gómez Avenue (or Carrera Ninth between Calles 170 and 183), with 376 people on site, all day; and Boyacá Avenue between streets 170 and 183 with 178 active workers.

Below is a post with more information about the people working on major city projects this week:

road network

In the conservation and maintenance of the road network, there are activities in almost all the towns of the city with 160 active work fronts daily during this week, which include works in public space and on bridges pedestrians and vehicles.

2,500 people are planned for the activities, of which 1,100 will carry out night activities.

In Suba and Usaquén, there will be night work along the North Highway between streets 100 and 134.

In these same places, activities will be carried out in the closed Suba-Cota, mowing of the lawn, removal of solid waste, vegetable matter resulting from the cut and flow obstructions present in the fence, from kilometer 2.7, north side of the avenue de la conejera. These same activities will be carried out on the Autopista Norte, heading south-north from 120th Street.

Likewise, the bridge between Rodrigo Lara Bonilla Avenue and Alfredo Bateman Avenue (east side) will be intervened to carry out rehabilitation works on the structure.

In Engativá there will be activity on Calle 80 from Calle 78 to 84 and on the road network that supports the routes of the Integrated Public Transport System (SITP) on Calle 64 between Carreras 118 and 125.

Fontibón, Kennedy, Puente Aranda, Tunjuelito, San Cristóbal, Teusaquillo, Chapinero and Sumapaz They will also have active work fronts day and night on the avenues: Boyacá, Américas and Caracas.

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