Nissan relies on a Valencian company to automate work assignment processes in Europe

The Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has entrusted the management of task assignment and document management processes in Europe to the digital transformation and business process management (BPM) platform of No Code software and of Valencian origin, AuraQuantic.

Among the main reasons Nissan trusted AuraQuantic, according to Kazuko Kato, deputy manager of the company’s IB4 M&S Intelligent Mobility Services Systems Department, is “the concurrent licensing system provided by the platform, because this is a good approach to the financial side of any organization. And he adds that “finally, we have found an economical solution with a flexible payment model by type of license”.

Nissan has a head office located in Yokohama (Japan), from where it manages all the operations of its six geographical divisions in which it is present: Asia and Oceania, Africa, Middle East and India, China, Europe, America Latin and North America. America. .

For Nissan, managing workflows on a global scale was a challenge, as their legacy software operated through a named user licensing system. In other words, each user had an exclusive license.

In this sense, the IT (Information Technology) department has invested a lot of time and human resources in the administration and management of licenses. In addition, renewal of the contract for each named user license required prior budget approval and the intervention of an external provider.

Faced with this situation, the company decided to look for software that would cover all its needs and that would also be flexible and easy to use. After an extensive selection process, Nissan selected the AuraQuantic platform because of the many benefits it brings and the ability to build line-of-business applications without the need for code.

Fast and flexible implementation

AuraQuantic was implemented quickly and flexibly through two processes: task assignment and document management.

With the first process, the company sought to guarantee the execution of tasks involving the various divisions of the automotive group, through a resource optimization scheme.

The second process made it possible to control and coordinate all the procedures related to document flows in the Nissan Europe division (Nissan Manufacturing UK and Nissan R&D UK).

According to AuraQuantic CEO Pablo Trilles, “This solution represents a single software stick that orchestrates all business processes and workflows. It is hosted on an infrastructure dedicated to each customer in the cloud, and companies can buy it or pay only for its use (SaaS), which is why they highlight its complete flexibility in the payment model.

Three aspects also make AuraQuantic a unique platform. “Its maximum security against cyberattacks, since none of the millions of users who have used it for 20 years has ever been spied on or infected by external attacks. Its state-of-the-art technology with artificial intelligence (AI), quantum overlay and parallel processing. And the use of No Code technology, which does not require user programming, although it can be added,” explains Pablo Trilles.

Nissan, a Japanese car manufacturer, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation since its inception in 1933. On that date, it became a forerunner in the domestic automotive industry.

It is among the top automakers in terms of annual vehicle production and is considered one of the most highly valued companies in the market. According to the recent study by the international consulting firm Brand Finance, under the title “Top 10 Most Valuable Auto Brands”, Nissan occupies the ninth position in the world ranking of the best positioned brands in the automotive sector.

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