Not being comfortable at work can affect your mental health

Experts have confirmed that not feeling comfortable in the workplaceneither with a job, and being in a toxic workcould significantly affect the Mental Health Yes physical workers, so it is extremely vital to take care of them to avoid more serious problems such as cancer That is heart problems.

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It is important that workers can take care of their health

The Surgeon General of the United States, Vivek Murtyindicated that it is extremely important that the Health in the workspaces be a priority, even more so after the covid pandemic which has changed the nature of jobs and the relationship to work.

According to Dr. Murthy, workers who are subject to bad work conditionsthey may present damage to the Mental Healthlike the the Depression and the anxietybut they can also have physical repercussions, such as cancer and heart problems.

These problems would occur mainly in those who work in spaces or situations of “toxic” workwhich according to the expert can be to identify for the following working conditions:

  • Low salaries
  • Discrimination
  • Intimidation
  • Excessive workload

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The Mental Health workers must seek

The doctor Vivek Murty Moreover, he added that it is extremely important seek health, physical and mentalworkers, because it will allow them to be in much better health and to have a more fulfilling life outside their work.

Employers need to change the way they organize their Workspacesbecause it will also allow for better performance, since “A healthy workforce is the foundation for healthier communities and thriving organizations.“, reports the doctor.

The mental health should be a priorityindicates, because according to the surveys carried out, it would seem that at least 76% of workers in the United States have presented at least one symptom of occupational conditions. Mental Health such as anxiety or depression.

This percentage represents an increase of at least 17% more in just two years and would explain why a 84% of workers would indicate that in their work it is possible to detect at least one negative impact factor in his Mental Health.

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What should a healthy workplace have?

In order to search for the worker healthDr. Murthy indicated that there are five essential keys to improve the work areawhich must be developed by the institutions.

Applying these practices, he adds, can help improve people’s well-being, but also support and sustain their Mental Health to avoid conditions or problems with it.

The five Essentials in the Work zoneto ensure the health of employees, must be:

  • Damage Protection physical or emotional, which includes allowing adequate breaks, as well as normalizing and supporting the approach to Mental Health.
  • Connection and communityensuring positive social interaction between workers in the workspace, ensuring they feel included and part of a community.
  • Harmony in working lifeoffering more autonomy in how work is done, flexible schedules and routines, and respecting the boundaries between work and outside life.
  • Feel important at workensuring that workers feel they and their work are worthwhile, as this has been shown to reduce stress.
  • Growth opportunityproviding the opportunity to achieve goals and objectives based on their abilities and growth, as this has been shown to help them be more enthusiastic and optimistic

(With information from: US Department of Health and Human Services.)


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