Paula Martínez González the prize for the best final project of the Family Business Chair and the Ibercaja Foundation


The Family Business Chair of the University of La Rioja and the Ibercaja Foundation awarded the prizes to the best graduation projects (TFG) on family business. Paula Martínez González won first prize for her “economic and social analysis of Inditex”, while Javier Ezquerro Ezquerro and Ángel Martínez Cano won two second prizes.

The first prize was awarded to Paula Martínez González, graduate in business administration and management, for her TFG “Economic and social analysis of Inditex. Approach to business and its narrative” in the Business Administration and Management degree, whose jury highlighted its quality and approach to the fashion sector within the framework of the business management approach , of the distinctive characteristics of this great family business and of the economy-social narrative that characterizes it, paying particular attention to the activities it develops in terms of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

The award-winning book includes an approach to how generational change has taken place to pursue values ​​and family heritage, corporate governance, its evolution on the stock market and the management of the main financial risks that affect it. . , includes a practical case simulated by the use of derivatives. All this addressed within the framework of a professional and external approach based on accessible public information.

Javier Ezquerro Ezquerro, a graduate in Business Administration and Management, won a second prize for his work “Approach to the economic, financial and social impact of the family business in La Rioja”, which, according to the jury, demonstrates the importance of the business family for the economic and social development of the region, its contribution to the creation of quality jobs, the positive impact it has on other businesses, its contribution through the payment of taxes and the well- to be general of the company.

The study highlights the interest of having associations that bring together this type of organization, as is the case in the Riojane Association of Family Businesses (AREF). In addition, it includes the double vision that provides an accurate diagnosis of the progress made by family businesses in Rioja in terms of sustainability through the exploitation of the results of an administered survey and the analysis of a representative case of the agri-food sector in Rioja.

Ángela Martínez Cano, graduate in Business Administration and Management, obtained another honorable mention for the work ‘Innovation and internationalization of the family business: Martínez Somalo’, which, elaborated according to the methodology of case analysis, collects the values ​​that characterize this famous family meat processing company in Rioja. He details the challenges the company is facing in terms of innovation and internationalization, the strategies it is deploying to continue to evolve positively, without forgetting the company’s internal governance model. In addition, it collects the effort, commitment and resources that family businesses cherish under the dual perspective of using external sources of information and addressing it internally through the organization’s personnel and the vision of its CEO.

During the award ceremony, with the winners, Juan Carlos Ayala, rector of the University of La Rioja; María Cadarso, business manager at Ibercaja; Carlota González Sota, President of the Riojan Association of Family Businesses (AREF); and Eduardo Rodríguez Osés, director of the Extraordinary Chair of Family Business at the University of La Rioja.

Ibercaja, University of La Rioja and AREF, through its Family Business Chair, wish to bring the family business closer to university students, to disseminate knowledge and the interrelation with the nearest business ecosystem and their contribution to their training in as future professionals who provide excellent advanced professional services. .

The University of La Rioja teaches the subject Creation and development of the company, which trains students who take it in knowledge of the business world; and helps them move from the business idea to materialize it into a viable business plan for investors, which serves as a trial and first test to test its effectiveness and which results in the possibility of starting a new sustainable business. This subject serves to develop and train executive and numerical skills that are very valuable from the point of view.


The Extraordinary Chair of Family Businesses of the University of La Rioja is funded by the Riojane Association of Family Businesses (AREF). One of its objectives is to promote the figure of the entrepreneur, encourage the development of new businesses and spread the culture of sustainable business among students in educational centers and universities in La Rioja.

In addition, the Family Business Chair of UR and AREF supports students or groups of students who present the business plan and which, being viable, is technically more correct and/or in the form of the most original idea.

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