Pedreguer unanimously approves job slate after years of negotiation

  • Full application of the new RPT will mean an additional €67,000 per month
  • The plenary session also unanimously approved the appointment of Àngel Enric Martí i Vives as official chronicler of Vila de Pedreguer

With the unanimity of all the municipal groups, the plenary session of Pedreguer this Thursday approved the modification of the list of jobs for civil servants and working staff that has been negotiated and agreed with the unions throughout this legislature.

“The government team -said the Mayor and Councilor for Personnel, Sergi Ferrús Peris- appreciates the patience of the workers and workers of the City Council, because the process has been very long, although we believe that the result has been quite satisfactory in general terms, since practically all the workforce has been improved, with the exception of three people to whom the temporary staff complement will apply, and, moreover, it meets the objectives that the government intended to achieve: regularizing new jobs that have been created since the last RPT, such as cleaning staff for municipal buildings, school nurse, technical engineer, or flea market guards; the jobs of heritage/tourism technician, equality technician, IT technician and human resources and recruitment technician” .

The impact on the municipal budget has also been studied and a job evaluation methodology adapted to the specificities of the Town Hall has been developed, which will allow it to be subsequently applied independently by the municipal staff in charge of the Human Resources domain.

Full application of the new RPT will mean approximately €67,000 more per month, although not all positions will be staffed from 1 January, and effective application of the RPT will also be offered in multiple annuities, as has been done in the previous one. .

The plenary session also unanimously considered the approval of two other points: the appointment of Àngel Enric Martí i Vives as official chronicler of the Villa de Pedreguer, as well as the regulations governing the title of official chronicler and a motion claiming SAREB houses for social use. .

Modification of the credit to meet the largest personnel expense

On the other hand, Compromís and CUP voted in favor of a credit modification of €211,273.45, financed by a liquid cash surplus and with higher income received, to face the increase in the remuneration for the whole of 2022 with the 1.5%, according to the agreement of the Council of Ministers of October 18, 2022, the repair of the organ of the Sainte-Croix church, the municipal sports schools, the works of the technical office and various projects, technical studies, collection services and other expenses, restoration and empowerment of cultural heritage, investments in water infrastructure, works in the Espai Cultural, air conditioning equipment for the Escoleta and a machine for cleaning the slopes of the sports hall, panels for public roads, solar energy lights and their installation in urbanizations and for the construction plan of CEIP El Trinquet. Socialists and popular have opted for abstention.

With the favorable vote of the government and the abstention of the rest of the groups, an extrajudicial recognition of credits of € 27,443.13 was approved to cover the expenses incurred for the assembly, dismantling, rental and transport of the scaffolding multidirectional due to the rehabilitation work on the organ of the Church, the treatment of bulky items (removal and transport) from September 28 to October 24, during the concert on October 9, the work of the Bar Trinquet, the recording of equipment , equipment sheets, player and team arbitration insurance, repair of the faecal bombs of the Solana de Pedreguer, the dog residence service, the monthly allowance for October 2022, the technical work for June 2022, Dani’s performance Miquel in Pedreguer on October 19, animal maintenance for the month of September 2022 and maintenance work in the garden of Casa Campell.

With the same support, a modification of the ordinance regulating citizen coexistence in the public space of Pedreguer was also approved.

Finally, con el voto a favor de todos los grupos, salvo la abstención de la CUP, salió adante la propuesta de autorización de la solicitud de constitución de Entidad de Gestión y Modernización del área industrial Les Galgues y la approbación provisional del convenio de colaboración con the town hall.

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