Peugeot Partner: ready for all types of work and loads

Its length and load dimensions are identical in the combustion model and in the electric model.

The most compact model in Peugeot’s commercial range is made in Spain and is offered with petrol, diesel and electric engines

Nacho Martin Loeches

Peugeot is always one of the leading brands in our commercial vehicle promotions thanks to its wide range of models and technologies accessible to all types of professionals. With a wide variety of configurations available for the Partner, Expert and Boxer models, its 100% electric variants are now here, giving it a more urban, economical and ecological character without losing one iota of its charging and storage qualities.

On other occasions we have reviewed the range of these models at length, but today we are going to focus on the Peugeot Partner, one of the models of the French brand with more tradition and versatility for deliveries of the last mile, as well as for expeditions that are not large in volume but require long mileage, and, as we will see later, the Partner can adapt to any type of use.

The Partner is offered with two types of lengths: 4.40 and 4.75 meters, both in the combustion version and in the 100% electric model, identical dimensions with 3.9 and 4.4 cubic meters depending on the length that we choose. In addition, it has a maximum payload that varies between 650 and 1,000 kilos, while its towing capacity is 750 kilos.

This model was designed on a platform that facilitates maneuvering thanks to its short overhangs and its excellent turning radius to be able to move easily in urban areas, all for a van with a payload.

In addition, the Partner can also be transformed at the request of customers, which we have seen on several occasions as a vehicle for health care, assistance to physically disabled people, distribution of food which must be refrigerated… with this vehicle we have endless configurations available for any type of business.

technology manager

Behind the wheel, when a professional is at work, they not only need a large cargo space, but also a comfortable ride and, nowadays, a good level of connectivity and a good package of aids. Inside, of course, this model of the French brand does not lack the “i-cockpit” with a steering wheel of reduced dimensions which is added to the central screen of eight or ten inches and the digital dashboard designed in a raised position so that when consulting your information you do not take your eyes off the road. All the controls are very close to the driver’s hand and, in addition to the usual driver assistance systems such as speed control, involuntary lane change warning or blind spot control, among others, a efficient system of cameras and sensors whose image is projected on the screen to maneuver in complete safety.

Comfortable and technological interior.

electrical prominence

As for the engines, Peugeot offers diesel or petrol options with manual or automatic transmission, versions highly recommended if we have to cover a large number of kilometers per day, but the main protagonist is the latest addition to the range: the hundred percent electric. model. , the e-Partner: it comes with a 136 hp motor and a 50 kilowatt battery that allows it to travel up to 275 kilometers, making it a very good option for last mile deliveries, also considering that its maximum speed is 130 kilometers per hour.

If we talk about recharging this battery, the most useful thing will be to connect it to a 100 kilowatt fast charging point, in this way we can go from zero to 80% battery in about thirty minutes.

In terms of prices, the rental formula is really attractive from 400 euros excluding tax per month for the thermal model and from 509 euros excluding tax for the 100% electric Partner.

The electric model has 136 horsepower and a range of up to 275 kilometers.


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