Post-holiday job search spotlights company reviews

In September, we learned that unemployment had increased by more than 40,000 people after the holidays. The data exceeds that of the years of the pandemic, during which 29,780 people registered as unemployed in August 2020, far from the 54,317 the previous year.

To this must be added the destruction of nearly 190,000 jobs in August, traditionally one of the worst for the labor sector. This data broke the streak that the labor market in Spain had been showing since 2020, the year in which almost 7,000 jobs were even created in August.

When looking for a job, we know that it’s not enough to update a resume and be active on workplace social networks such as LinkedIn or InfoJobs. But now, the participation of candidates can go further. Today it is possible to know the company that offers the position for which you are applying, from the hand of those who have worked there.

Social networks have given us the opportunity to express ourselves as we wish and at any time. Increasingly, the design follows the pattern dictated by what the user likes or has shown some type of interest.

Perhaps one of the greatest exponents of this expression are reviews in stores, hotels or restaurants. These reviews are often quite important to future guests, to the point that we make many decisions based on a place’s rating and the number of votes it has.

Reviews of the most popular companies

Gowork wants to extrapolate this valuation fever to the world of work. Now people will be able to rate the most popular employers through its business reviews database.

This way, anonymous users can share their experiences with the company they work or worked for, providing first-hand information to job seekers. The platform tries to create a space for dialogue and gives the opportunity to build and improve the image of employers.

The company, as explained on its website, acts as a forum where anyone who wishes can add an opinion – anonymously and without having to register a profile – and describe what it is like to work in a certain place without fear consequences in their work life. .

To do this, the platform is configured as “the space that allows employers to analyze the working conditions they offer to their employees”. In addition, job seekers on the Internet, especially young people, are those who benefit the most from the platform.

the best information

The Gowork database covers companies from various industries, including finance and insurance, as well as all types of businesses.

But they don’t just include business surveys. So that the future worker has the best possible information, its website includes a comparison of salaries, according to the position and the city, with differences between districts even in the same cities, such as Madrid or Barcelona.

This information can also be consulted on their blog, with periodic publications – one or two months – in which they explain the doubts about the salary by the communities, the jobs or even the functions to be performed in other jobs, with the aim to arouse interest and curiosity for these jobs which, at the beginning, would not be considered.

Likewise, these publications include information on collective agreements, how to create businesses on social networks, how to access a job in a specific company, etc.

Business Benefits

If you think that Gowork is a site for complaining about your working conditions, you are wrong, because companies can take advantage of tools like this to do publicity work or, in the worst case, to know the actual working conditions of their workers. For this reason, Gowork includes a tab for posting company information, which will help search engines like Google help more people find it.

With Gowork, no more sending resumes without rhyme or reason. Now anyone who wants to can also assess which companies correspond to what they are looking for, not only in the workplace, but also in other characteristics such as the working environment or the corporate communication within the workplace. business, among other benefits.

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