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Is today the designated day to speak to “that” person? Is it a good day to solve old problems or to reconnect with an old acquaintance? Will you do well today at work? Will you receive gratifying news? Find out how your day will be December 24 according to your horoscope, although if you prefer to know how you are going to do throughout the week, you can also consult it in EL ESPAÑOL.

[El efecto Forer o por qué leemos el horóscopo y creemos en él]

It is important that you analyze each sign carefully, because you should not only read your sun sign, the moon sign and the Ascendant are also important. And the possible aspects or dominant houses of your birth chart.


It is in your interest to maintain moderation to avoid misunderstandings and inappropriate actions on a day like today. It is important to balance the emotions and the manner of dialogue.

FEELINGS: you will be able to fully enjoy the company and fun with the people you love the most.

STOCK: It’s time to lay happy foundations, mainly in your initiatives and in your love life.

FORTUNE: He had a lucky entry because of the way you made your investments and your work. More information…


It will be a time when you will have a great capacity for persuasion, responsibility and commitment in the attitudes that you will maintain with close and like-minded people.

FEELINGS: This is the time to express your feelings and live unforgettable moments with joy.

STOCK: this is the best time to lay the groundwork around your home and family in a beneficial way.

FORTUNE: For everything to be beneficial, you need to put your personal life in order and strengthen your friendships. More information…


Fortune will accompany you during this day, both in your well-being and in the sympathy and cordiality that you will radiantly and with great insight show.

FEELINGS: you will be able to show your sympathy and your cordiality with all the people who surround you and particularly with your close relations.

STOCK: the greatest joy will be that which you entertain in your fruitful conversations and agreements with other people.

FORTUNE: The best in these moments is to let yourself be carried away by intuition, and at the same time to help people who need it. More information…


It will be a time when your sensitivity and your great intuition will accompany you so that these moments are inspiring and very close to the people with whom you are going to enjoy the joy of today.

FEELINGS: You will notice that you need to approach someone to offer emotional support.

STOCK: You will be able to organize your resources by planning your income and making well-structured plans.

FORTUNE: Your greatest happiness will be to surround yourself with the people you love the most and to share your love and help among all. More information…


Avoid behaving in unusual and reckless ways. It is more important to call on your responsibility and your seriousness in the most important moments that you have the joy of celebrating with your loved ones.

FEELINGS: It’s time to extend your sincere and warm affection to the people you love the most.

STOCK: there will be a lot of movement mainly with relatives and in the way of organizing your profession.

FORTUNE: The time has come to be a supportive person and to put yourself in the shoes of others in any type of commitment. More information…


Sympathy and the desire to have fun will help you organize a very special and endearing moment with the loved ones with whom you will enjoy this moment.

FEELINGS: You will feel the desire to support and help loved ones around you who need your emotional support.

STOCK: This will be an ideal time to manage the day in an insightful and very playful way.

FORTUNE: it is important that you feel like a big pineapple joining the others. This way you will feel more fully. More information…


You will be able to manage your warmth and sympathy, as well as the surprises you reserve for your loved ones in a special way and with magical aspects. You like to enjoy childhood.

FEELINGS: It will be a relaxed day to talk and laugh with family and friends forever.

STOCK: You will be able to organize today with the help of other people who will join in the organization of this day.

FORTUNE: you may find more peace and serenity than at other times. it will help you become a more receptive person and show your sympathy as always. More information…


The time has come to enjoy pleasant conversations and endearing moments that will make you very happy and help you feel greater satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

FEELINGS: It’s a special day to communicate and show your warmth and joy to the people you love.

STOCK: you will feel that you are achieving your goals brilliantly and with new perspectives.

FORTUNE: the most important thing is to feel confident with close people. It will fill you with joy and joy. More information…


The relationship with others will be very idealistic and at the same time you will shine for your essence and for your goodness. You will carry out your commitments in a serene and happy manner.

FEELINGS: It’s a special time to be a caring person and use your best qualities to help others.

STOCK: You will want to enjoy and manage the day in a different and very complete way.

FORTUNE: you will find that whatever you give comes back to you in an immediate and increased way. More information…


You will need to pay close attention to your conversations and interactions with others to avoid misunderstandings or misplaced words. remember this is a day of joy and happy commitments.

FEELINGS: you will have more vitality than on other occasions and your initiative will help you enjoy this day.

STOCK: It’s a special day to offer your best qualities and endearing warmth.

FORTUNE: Your greatest happiness will be to feel fully close to the people you love the most. More information…


Your attitude must be benevolent and calm so that this day is serene and brings a lot of joy to the people with whom you savor these privileged moments.

FEELINGS: It is necessary to clarify a pending issue with people from the past that you need to resolve once and for all.

STOCK: Your company will be pleasant and will stand out from the people with whom you organize the evening.

FORTUNE: It will be a special time to enjoy the joy that unites you with all the like-minded people who are together today. More information…


It is a very important day, above all to keep calm and carry out everything with the ease of enjoying your family and the people you love the most.

FEELINGS: you will feel the appreciation and warmth of the people close to you who love you, in a special way.

STOCK: all your sympathy and hopes that this day will be different, pleasant and fun.

FORTUNE: Your greatest happiness will be to share unique moments with the people you love the most. More information…

Spanish characters who celebrate their birthday today, December 24

1949: Moncho Borrajo, Spanish actor and comedian.

1949: Beatriz Carvajal, Spanish actress

Historical Facts of Spain on December 24

1950: Spain and the United States resume diplomatic relations.


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