Preventive conservation of archaeological pieces, tendered for 14,429 euros

The tender presented by the Ministry of Education and Culture explains that it has a duration of execution of the contract of 6 months. The estimated value of this is 14,429 euros for a total amount of 15,006.16 euros. The amount excluding taxes would therefore be 14,429 euros. The deadline for obtaining the specifications and the deadline for presenting the offers are specified until December 23 at 11:59 p.m.

The purpose of this contract is to carry out preventive conservation and adaptation works for the public exhibition of 125 archaeological pieces from the collection of the Museum of Ceuta, recovered during the archaeological excavations carried out in González de la Vega street, nº 7 of Ceuta.

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Its state of conservation recommends undertaking this action in order to eliminate, stop or reduce pathologies, as well as for its adequate preservation, exhibition and dissemination.
The parts list is included in Appendix 1 of this document. In total there are 110 ceramics, 10 metals, 1 mixed piece (bone and metal), 1 wood and 3 glasses (total 125 pieces).

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If requested by those interested in participating in this tender, a specific day and time will be activated so that they can be viewed and reviewed.

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The works covered by this document will normally be carried out in the facilities of the Museum of Ceuta, located in the Monumental Complex of the Royal Walls of Ceuta and must be adapted to its opening hours. Exceptionally, the parts may be transported to the workshop of the successful bidder, who will be responsible for their integrity and safety.

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In addition, if this movement of archaeological pieces occurs, it will be up to you to obtain as many administrative authorizations as necessary and you will have to take out insurance covering the risks during the transport and deposit of the pieces in the restoration workshop. The insured value of each piece and the required conditions that must be included in the insurance policy will be determined by the person responsible for the contract appointed by the Autonomous City of Ceuta and by those responsible for the Museum of Ceuta.

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Authorization to transfer the pieces will be made in writing, obliging the successful bidder to reintegrate them into the collections of the Museum of Ceuta.

Contract execution phases
After examination, documentation and analysis of the state of conservation, the successful bidder will submit to the contract manager, within a period not exceeding fifteen days, a proposal for intervention in which the general state of conservation of each of the items is evaluated, detail the pathologies detected, the specific actions to be taken for each of the items, the products and materials deemed appropriate to use and any other point deemed to be of interest relating to the conservation of all the items.
The person in charge of the contract appointed by the Autonomous City of Ceuta will study the intervention proposal and, in the event of disagreement with the proposal, will inform the contractor of any objection to it for examination and modification. In all cases, the work can only begin after acceptance of the intervention proposal by the contract manager.

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Terms of execution
The Autonomous City of Ceuta, through its Ministry of Education and Culture, will appoint a technician responsible for the contract who will be responsible for the general supervision of the development of the works as well as the resolution of any incidents that may arise. To this end, he will have functions of coordination and periodic verification of the smooth running of the work.
Thus, the winning company, within the time allowed, will provide the human, auxiliary and technical resources necessary for the execution of this work within the terms and time limits established in the specifications.

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confidentiality guarantee
The contractor must maintain the confidentiality of the data that require it, vis-à-vis third parties or entities, being obligatory even when the latter have carried out the services object of this contract. You may not deliver or reproduce or disseminate all or part of any information on any type of medium without the express authorization of the Autonomous City of Ceuta.


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