Previous works on masochism and trauma: Who are the authors of the theses on pedophilia that shook the University of Chile?

On Monday, the bomb was dropped: two theses presented to the Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences of the University of Chile to opt for different degrees – one from 2016 and another from 2020 – were viralized on social networks to have shades of apology for pedophilia.

The work has resulted in reviews, placements and a snowball that still has no brakes. Today, for example, RN deputies Marcia Raphaël and Hugo Rey will officiate President Gabriel Boricin his capacity as head of the study house, to take action in this matter.

But what are the causes of all this commotion? Who are the authors of the theses “Pedophiles and infants: folds and folds of desire” and “The desire denial of the pedagogue: being a pedophile”?

Once the controversy broke out, Leonardo Alfonso Arce Vidal, responsible for the first of the aforementioned texts, closed his accounts on social networks and La Tercera tried in vain to contact him. In his Twitter bio, yes, it reads: “I’m gay. Bachelor in philosophy and student in musical composition. Complete swimmer. Piano teacher. I love Tchaikovsky. Master in Gender Studies”.

“Dedicated to boys and girls with restless desire, so they can always touch and be touched without fear or guilt. To pedophiles with guilty desire, so that they exorcise their discomfort and their fears of loving those they love“, he had written in the dedication of his thesis, of which he then published a summary in the journal Nomadías of the same University of Chile entitled “Pedophilia and childhood: a possible relationship? “.

Born in 1989 in San Miguel, at the age of 33, Arce devoted himself, according to another profile on the site tusclasesparticulares -also closed-, to giving music lessons. “I have been a piano and music teacher for 17 years.. I give lessons to both young people and adults who see music as a hobby or as a profession”. Additionally, he pointed out that he teaches music theory, theory, music history, harmony, and music composition. “Specially dedicated to supporting students in their musical studies, as reinforcement or in preparation for future courses; as well as those who simply want to enjoy the music”. There he said to charge from $9,000 per hour.

But it was not the only thing that was read in this description: “I am also a philosopher in matters related to gender, childhood, sexualities, aesthetics and ethics. In this field, I provide advice and support or guides in works of an academic nature on various subjects”. In this sense, he clarified that the courses he provides “are flexible and personalized, being able to follow a traditional educational path as well as adapting my methods for those who need it, especially for those who are preparing to take tests at abroad, for whom I design a special study program designed to achieve satisfactory results for admission.

The last address he registered is in San Miguel, a municipality from which he moved to study at the National Institute (Santiago)establishment from which he graduated in 2007. He did all his secondary schooling there, where he excelled in the musical arts.

His thesis, however, is not the only work to be found in the academic repository of the U. from Chile. There’s another one, his final research for the graduate seminar, called ‘Human creativity and resistance productions: BDSM (Bondage, Dominant, Sadism and Masochism)‘, which was led by Professor Carlos Ossandón in 2012.

“Human creativity, what a marvel! And at the same time, what a big waste… How many possibilities have not been restricted by simple moralizing whims? How many have suffered the flood of this repugnant moralization judging their work, saying what is and what is not aesthetic?», is taken from the beginning of the writing, which is accompanied by graphic images of a sexual nature that refer to the title of his work.

And who did the second thesis?

Mauricio Ernesto Quiroz Munoz He is 29 years old, he was born in 1993 in Puente Alto, but today he has a registered office in Renca. His school term ended in High School Application (Santiago)where he already excelled in humanistic subjects.

“The pedophile is a monster, says society, hidden, lurking, within the limits and margins of our cities, a criminal of humanity, something to be treated inhumanely. Too bad I don’t believe in monstershe said, for example, in the introduction to his thesis.

Like Arce, Quiroz’s social networks are closed. But before that, some screenshots of his LinkedIn profile revealed that he was a professor of philosophy in his house of studies, that between 2018 and 2019 he taught philosophy in a school in La Cisterna and that from 2021 he worked at the Cerro Navia Joven Foundation. .

As he himself explained, since February 2022 he was professor of debate at the Comeduc Educational Foundation (created in 1987, under the supervision of the Children’s Defense Council and the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism), where he worked specifically at the Luis Correa Prieto Commercial High School, where he obtained some achievements in competitions of debate, like being 8th among 60 participants in the National Championship organized by Andrés Bello University.

According to a dispatch published on the foundation’s website, the philosophy professor said that it is necessary to have citizens who have an opinion and a capacity for imagination to think about possible worlds.

Coincidence with the controversy or not, Comeduc announced on Tuesday that Quiroz would no longer work with them after the non-renewal of his fixed-term contract.

Like Arce, Quiroz also has other works published on the University of Chile website. One of them is called ‘Traumatic “embodied” memories facing the phenomenology of Husserli’s time. The limits of the static and genetic method‘, guided by Claudia Gutiérrez to apply for a degree in philosophy in 2017.

“Well, it’s that maybe a whole life can revolve around a trauma, it’s that maybe, in fact, the trauma can become the very subject, the reason for its existence… For the moment , and finally, trauma can become the reason for its non-existence. But this is all just speculation,” he concluded his conclusions.

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