Primary health care professionals presented their work at the first APS congress

September 12, 2022 – 2:36 pm

Vaccinations, mental health, dengue fever, indigenous health, were some of the axes chosen by the health workers and health promoters who participated in the first International Congress of Primary Health Care “There is a reason, it’s you”, which took place on September 8 and 9 at the Posadas Congress and Event Center, organized by the Ministry of Public Health of Misiones.

60 works were presented and 1 was selected for each health zone, which shared their experience with their peers on Thursday 8.

The Licensee Narena Ayala, coordinator of the mental health field of the capital zone it was one of them, whose presentation was based on the creation of the Mental Health space of the Capital Zone. The work aimed to tell about the process of formation of this field of work aimed specifically at what is psychology and psychopedagogy. Highlight the objectives on which they relied and their results.

The director of Concepción de la Sierra Hospital and Head of Programmatic Area II of the South Health Zone, Farm. Laura Dubois, presented the work they have done with their team around the COVID 19 vaccination campaign, in the areas of Concepción de la Sierra and Santa María. He shared the experience of how teams and vaccinators were trained and how they worked in rural areas to bring vaccines to the population as quickly as possible and thus achieve high coverage.

Doctor Viviana Mariza from the northeast zone He gave a presentation on the intercultural approach to work in the village of the Ka’aguy Porã I and II Aboriginal community. This referred to the primary health care carried out in the village, respecting its cultural diversity, both in language and in health. This work is carried out by indigenous health workers in collaboration with mbya promoters, bringing primary health care closer to these areas.

On the other hand, the health worker Valeria Carballo, from the central zone of Uruguay, He explained the work carried out on the quality of the data collected within the health system, with this it is intended to improve the organization and validity of the data so that problems are not generated in the registration system, for example, having one or more people registered in the system with the same DNI.

The bioengineer Araujo Hugo from the center of Paraná, He made a presentation on the experience of the work that has been carried out with the REVEAL application, which has been used to plan work in the territory with health promoters and interventions in collaboration with vector control technicians. This made it possible to collect data such as the location of the residence to georeference the households and know if it is in a risk zone for dengue vectors or not.

Finally, biochemistry Sandra Roginski, from the northern zone of Paraná He spoke of active search work for suspected cases among cohabitants of leprosy patients diagnosed at Samic Hospital in Eldorado.

This community research work articulates the hospital with its community through primary health care.

It aims to control leprosy patients, in order to make an early diagnosis, because they are generally isolated because leprosy is associated with a stigma of discrimination, which makes the patients do not attend health centers. For this reason, travel to the territory has been proposed to diagnose and prevent the disease.


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