Prosecutors threaten to paralyze their work: they demand a bigger budget for Luis Abinader for the deputy

The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, was summoned by the Association of Dominican Prosecutors (Taxation), so that in the draft general budget of the nation for the year 2023, allocate sufficient resources to the prosecution service to cover its needs peremptory of the members of the public prosecutor’s office.

The summons to the president was made by the general coordinator of the entity, Francisco Rodríguez Camilo, through the minister Isaac Rafael Lugo, ordinary bailiff of the Superior Administrative Court, by law 304-22 of last September 20.

In the bailiff’s act, the presidents of the Senate and of the Chamber of Deputies are also summoned, Eduardo Estrella and Alfredo PachecoFinance Minister José Manuel Vicente (Jochi) and Budget Director General José Rijo Prebost.

In the notice and default, the prosecutors request that the preparation, formulation, presentation and approval of the general budget of the nation for the year 2023 include the essential items or the budget allocation so that the Superior Council of the Public Ministry and the Attorney General of the Republic can improve the quality of life and working conditions of members of the public prosecution service.

They warn in the act of bailiff that in case of refusal to accede to their request, prosecutors across the country could stop any work under their responsibilitywhich includes persecution, raids, investigation, prosecution, appeals and the entire criminal justice system.

Rodríguez Camilo, general coordinator of the Association of Prosecutors, argued that with the allocation of economic resources that correspond to the Public Ministry, functional autonomy will be crystallized and consolidated, budgetary and administrative enshrined in Articles 169 and 170 of the Constitution of the Republic.

He declared that thus, this extra-power body attached to the judicial system can uphold the claims, the conquests and the rights acquired by the members of the Public Ministry since 2003, with the promulgation of law n ° 78-03 . (repealed), which were incorporated into Law No. 133-11, Organic Law of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which has never been fulfilled.

They violate your rights

Rodríguez Camilo estimated that the prosecutors received the payment of a salary “insignificant”, in violation of the provisions of Laws 78-03 (repealed) and 133-11, which grant them a salary, remuneration and bonuses at the same level or above that paid to the magistrates before whom they perform their duties, on the basis of what, they will no longer put up with ridicule from the authorities, nor violations of fundamental rights to the detriment of all the prosecutors in the country.

In his opinion, other fundamental rights that are violated to all members of the public ministry are: the right to equality enshrined in article 39 of the Constitution of the Republic; the right to human dignity, established in Article 38 of Magna Carta.

Likewise, the right to protection and assistance to the elderly, contained in article 57; the right to social security to protect them against illness, disability, unemployment and old age, among others.

Rodríguez Camilo argued that prosecutors lack decent, decent pay, at the level of the functions they exercise and that they cannot exercise any other public or private activity; who work in dangerous conditions, fighting against delinquency, drug trafficking and organized crime, and despite everything, their economic precariousness forces them to live in marginalized neighborhoods, living with their families in their neighborhoods, surrounded by high places of criminality.


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