Public Works details levels of work done at La Vega

THE NEW JOURNAL, LA VEGA. – The Ministry of Public Works and Communications has detailed the advanced levels in which the works of the different works carried out in the different municipalities and roads and bridges of the province of La Vega are located.

The Deputy Minister of Supervision and Control of the MOPC, Roberto Herrera, said this Wednesday that with regard to the main municipality of La Vega, an asphalting program ordered by President Luis Abinader is being carried out, which currently benefits more than 10 neighborhoods.

Likewise, he referred to the renovation and expansion works of the Duarte highway, in particular with regard to the province of La Vega, where, among other things, asphalting, construction of bridges and cleaning are carried out drainage system and gutters.

“As we do with all the provinces of the country, we are setting up a working table in La Vega, following the instructions of President Luis Abinader and Minister Deligne Ascención, to supervise the projects, see how the works are going, in always checking that the quality of work stipulated in the contracts is met and that the designs stipulated by the MOPC are respected,” he explained.

In this meeting, held at the headquarters of the provincial government, Herrera reviewed the amount of work in progress, while reviewing with the contractors and supervisors of the MOPC the progress of these, among which the market public from La Vega, Federico Highway Basilis going to Jarabacoa; the Sabaneta and La Vereda bridges, the Los Dajaos project, a gabion wall on the La Lima-La Caña highway.

Herrera also said that with regard to the bridge that collapsed over the Camú River, Minister Deligne Ascención has already given instructions to repair the original structure, so that it can enter service within a month. , until the new bridge is ready is in service , which he assured will be delivered in February.

The verification also included the work in progress on the Cutupú-Arroyo Hondo highway, and in this regard, he stated that there were situations with the base material that could not be located near the project, which is the most practical from the economic point of view.

“The contractor was instructed that as soon as the tests were completed to detect a base material nearby, he received authorization to transport it from Bonao, a little more expensive, but the work does not stop”, he explained.

He also referred to the La Vereda Bridge, which he said will be ready for use by the end of this month.

Works to start

Deputy Minister Herrera said that five contractors among those who won the award of the works through the lottery conducted by the MOPC have already progressed “and instructions are given so that the works can be carried out within 15 days at the later”.

He indicated that among the works to be started are: a play, a police detachment, sidewalks and curbs in several communities, among others that had been requested by different communities in the province of La Vega.

“Like never before, sectors are intervening not just in La Vega province, but across the country,” he said.

Also participating in the meeting were construction contractors Junior Tavera, Regional Director of MOPC in the Cibao Sur region; engineer Neforis Vargas, works supervisor; Daritza Zapata, Director of the Works Lottery Oversight Unit, and Desiree García, on behalf of the Provincial Governor.

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