Public Works will conclude the freeway expansion work to San Isidro in early 2023

The Minister of Public Works and Communications, Deligne Ascención, said this Wednesday that at the beginning of next year, at the latest in February, the works for the widening of the highway towards San Isidro, or Rafael Tomás Fernández Avenue Domínguez, will be completed, a work that Together with the expropriations to be carried out, it involves an investment of more than 2,800 million pesos.

“This work is probably the most important in the municipality of Santo Domingo Este, which is at the heart of an urban development in all this environment where thousands of apartments have been built individually, and by the governments themselves, which at the over time have developed here housing. initiatives,” he said.

Ascención highlighted the progress of the works on this San Isidro highway, during a supervisory tour it carried out this Wednesday, where the demolition of the premises that were the headquarters of the La Avanzada police detachment was carried out, due to road widening.

“This road, which had barely two lanes, is going to be converted into an eight-lane road, and there is talk of quadrupling the capacity, to contain all the traffic that feeds over five kilometers in length, due to the hundreds of projects of housing that has developed along its axis,” he said.

He explained that the San Isidro highway is the most important expansion area of ​​the municipality of Santo Domingo Este, since this demarcation extends to the east, “because it has the barrier of the Ozama river to the west and the sea to the south. So the part that remains to be developed is where we are making this important investment.”

“It is an extremely important investment, since it exceeds 2,800 million pesos, both because of the expropriations and because of the nature of the works.

The Minister of Public Works also mentioned the expropriations carried out by the MOPC with properties that are near the avenue. And welcomes the understanding shown by those concerned

“There have been areas where there has been informal occupation, and in other cases we have had to assign properties with their titles, but the government of President Luis Abinader is characterized by the understanding that the works are for the people and therefore in the name of a work must not mistreat the citizen and their rights, so we come to reasonable conversations where we understand and pay the right price,” he said.

He said that the current government administration, which had to carry out thousands of expropriations, paid its money to the owners, as the procedures progressed.

“Breaking the custom of previous governments, which did not pay for expropriations, is a government that guarantees rights, and especially in a democratic state, the right to property is fundamental,” he said.

While the executive director of the Presidential Management Council, Dio Astacio, said that President Luis Abinader’s wish is that all businessmen in the Eastern Zone are calm, that they know that their rights will be guaranteed and that they will soon reopen their businesses.

“The President wants this work to be completed in the coming months, so that the people who are here have security, and everyone who has been paid knows that it is an intense objective of the President that this work be the heart of Santo Domingo East,” he expressed.

Minister Ascención was accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Road Infrastructure, Elías Santana; the director of the Department of Expropriations and Evaluation, Ricardo Peña Acevedo; the Director of Works Supervision and Surveillance, Henry Vargas; the head of the Department of studies and design of road projects of the MOPC, Ana María de la Cruz, and Rafael Guzmán, president of the contracting company Cogusa.

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