Puy Oria receives with “particular enthusiasm” recognition “for many years of work”

film production company Puy Oria (Torres del Río, 1962) will receive the “Francisco de Javier” Award 2022 like a “magnificent recognition of many years of work” and with “particular enthusiasm” to understand that this “is not a prize for me, but for all the film crews who have accompanied me to Navarre”.

The filmmaker, based in Madrid for decades, has combined her activity as a producer with her work as a trainer and has also held various representative positions in institutions related to cinema and culture, such as the Navarrese Council of Culture, of which she is currently a member.

“I was delighted to receive the news, it seemed like a great recognition for many years of work because it is true that I will always and obviously carry Navarre with me. It is very difficult to detach oneself from one’s roots“, he underlines after having rejected the subject according to which “no one is a prophet in his country”, he says with humor.

In any case, she considers hers a team effort and shares the credit for the prize both with those who have been part of her film crews and with those who have facilitated them, such as the inhabitants of the towns of Navarre where she felt so good. received in filming, the last in Lekunberri for the Netflix platform, the series “You are not special”, which still takes some time with the closing of some procedures, although it has already been released in some 200 country.


“I have always been closely linked to Navarre, it is difficult for me to take off”, declares who, in addition to being a business partner, is sentimental partner of another Navarrese filmmaker, Montxo Armendáriz. Thus, “it is easy” to keep in mind their origins in their works, both in the scenarios and in the sets, for which “we immediately obtain a reference to Navarre, because that is what we all know of them “.

Moreover, during the filming, he tries to follow a maxim in his behavior: “That you can return to a place where you shot. Not that they wave to you, because you left something bad again, but that you can come back. And I can say that I can come back to everyone, and that seems to me the most important thing,” he says.

The prize, the award of which still has no date, is also particularly well received because it gives visibility to a profession, that of film production, little known and for which “pedagogy is lacking”, although ” it resembles many other professions, because it is really management.


And she continues to be fascinated by this, says an Oria who remembers that she managed to integrate into her life two professional facets that define her, that of trainer (she studied pedagogy in Navarre and even dedicated herself to teaching in her first work experiences) at the TAI school, where she teaches executive production classes in masters, licenses and diplomas, and as a producer in her company Oria Films.

“I try to transmit these difficulties of the profession to the boys and girls who are in class, but also the emotion that in the end it is you who lay the first stone, the first page with someone and it is you who are until the end. You are like the father or the mother of the project. You even hire the director, and all the others,” she says explicitly.

On the boom that the different landscapes of Navarre have had in recent yearsunderlines the particularity of having a regional treasury, “a particularity and a privilege” which allows fiscal incentive to film and be more competitive.

“If you add to that that Navarre has beautiful and different environments, and fantastic spaces to shoot… And then, the people are really very nice. In general the companions who are going to shoot there is what stands out above all, that people welcome them very well“, he rocks.

As an example, he gives the most recent in his case, to Lekunberri: “We arrived and we integrated. We weren’t strangers, it’s just that we ended up being like from there. We worked like the one in the hardware store or another business worked”.

“We try to look out for everyone’s good and disturb as little as possible, but we disturb, and a lot. But then we passed through the square in September, and a parade of people and enthusiasm arrived. It was super fun,” she recalls gratefully.


As for the choice of his projects, Puy Oria admits to being particularly attracted by a proposal which “fuels the virus of wanting to know more, which makes people curious”, he says, recalling as an example the conversations with guerrillas and historians before the filming of ‘Broken Silence’ by Montxo Armendariz.

“We spent a lot of time chatting with them, and all of a sudden it was like I wanted to know more and more about it,” he says, warning that in cases like this- this is when you see: “This has a film.”

When he finds a story or is offered to produce it, the decision to do it has a lot to do with appreciating that “it has a message. I’m interested in getting a message, that it’s not just a story. As a production, I can do it, no doubt, but to produce it, I prefer to go further”.


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