Railway works reveal drama in 8 neighborhoods for 6 urgent jobs

The works of the metropolitan train have brought to light the ordeal experienced each year by the inhabitants of at least eight neighborhoods in District 4, in the western part of the city of Cochabamba, due to the lack of at least six jobs.

The lack of attention to requests such as the arch of the Archimedes Canal, the improvement of storm drainage, the lack of sewers and the lack of channeling of the Valverde torrent are causing havoc in the grassroots territorial organizations (OTB): Eduardo Freire, Pampa Grande, Sergio Almaraz, Marevi, Setón, Eucaliptos, Adela Zamudio and Amic.

Although neighbors recognize that before the construction of the green train line, which runs from the city to the lower valley, the area was flooded during the rainy season, this problem has been exacerbated with work on the rail system. transport because the infrastructure hinders the evacuation of waste water. .

The railway works have also increased the needs because now the sector requires more signaling and pedestrian crossings, commented Ascencio Alconz, a resident of OTB Sergio Almaraz.

He said that until 2019, the people of the region had received means to reduce the effects of flooding, but since the construction of the railway, this task is more difficult because in several sections, the dimensions of the canal Archimedes were changed and not he left the space to run a global project as a solution in the future.

“The construction of the track is badly done, it would be necessary to see more space from the axis of the railway to be able to widen the canal. The floods are terrible, the canal fills up, overflows and the water does not flow because the Rumi Mayu gate also closes it,” he explained.

Alconz mentioned that the problem has forced the owners of the houses to build walls and defenses with sandbags, although they know that these actions do not have an impact on the discharge of stagnant sewage which causes diseases, bad odors and become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

During a tour of the area, it was found that the Archimedes Canal is not only filled with garbage and sewage, but there are also sewer connections.

In some areas, it has been verified that the Tunari Accidental Association (AAT), the company that runs the train, has built narrow channels on both sides of the tracks and planters that still lack vegetation.

“Last year they did some work and repairs so the floods wouldn’t affect us so much. We will see if it works in this rainy season,” said Nélida de Rodríguez, a resident of OTB Pampa Grande.

He said that, until 2021, water entered the neighborhood like a river, flooding homes, and ventilation took several days, so they had to endure this source of infection.

“They have made improvements, hopefully with this we won’t suffer so much. We don’t want to interfere with the operation of the train,” he stressed.

Alicia, another resident of the Eduardo Freire neighborhood, said that before the construction of the railway, the representatives of the UTF, the AAT, the office of the governor and the office of the mayor had promised to carry out works to improve their living conditions, but before the non-compliance that the families have resolved to block.

“This problem comes from Rumi Mayu’s channel. So many times we told the engineers they were making the tracks, I don’t know how they thought the train would work if it filled up with water, they have to deliver things right,” he remarked. .

Unlock by UTF search

In view of the claims, the UTF coordinator, Augusto Chassagnez, indicated that in coordination with the association, additional work will be carried out on the Archimedes channel within 60 days. Likewise, a waste water collector will be built and interconnections will be made to free up the railway line and guarantee the circulation of the train.

He added that pedestrian crossings will also be put in place and a solution to the closure of the Rumi Mayu canal will be sought.

Bs 120 million is the amount to invest

The president of district 4 of the city, Jhonny Gumucio, pointed out that for the execution of the additional works requested by the neighbors, 120 million Bolivians are necessary, without counting the construction of a treatment plant.

He explained that until their demands are formally dealt with, the neighbors will continue to block the railway line.

Gumucio said the cleaning of the canal had been agreed with the mayor’s office, but this year this entity is also investing 14 million Bolivians in works.


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