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Earning $50 an hour is no small feat. If the person works full-time, $50 an hour works out to just over $100,000 a year ($104,000, to be exact). As always, inflation continues to erode our purchasing power, so $50 an hour isn’t as impressive as it used to be.

$50 an hour is always great compensation, especially if you live in a less expensive area. And, if you’re working remotely, you may even have the option of relocating to a less expensive area to make the most of your new position.

If people think $50 an hour for remote work is out of their reach, they might be wrong. Some of these jobs require little or no experience and nothing more than a bachelor’s degree. However, they can allow you to work from anywhere.

The 8 Best Remote Jobs

1.- Cybersecurity analyst

cybersecurity analysts help secure company and customer data. Data is increasingly one of our most valuable assets, so it’s no surprise that these jobs can pay quite well.

Some require no formal experience and can pay more than $50 per hour. The company may expect you to be local, but allow you to work from home.

2.- Data Engineer

Data has become increasingly important and is part of our daily lives. This role generally serves as a liaison between data scientists and software which makes the data readable and assimilable. In doing so, they must ensure that the data is transformed and ready for use in the software.

They also build data pipelines, which allows them to bring together data from different systems. A job as a data engineer, Data Engineer II, AWS Immune, can pay up to $72 per hour, according to Google’s estimate.

3.- Infrastructure Engineer

infrastructure engineers They can have a wide range of responsibilities, but typically help maintain a company’s computer systems.

For example, they can help teams move their code to AWS (Amazon Web Systems). His job is make sure everything is working fine and the system remains intact. They provide support for cloud systems and the teams that depend on them. These positions may require at least a bachelor’s degree.

4.- Licensed Clinical Social Worker

While many of the highest paying remote jobs are in tech, there are exceptions. COVID-19[feminine] it accelerated many of the trends already underway, including the use of telehealth. The result is that healthcare jobs that previously could only be done in person can now have remote options.

One of those jobs is a licensed clinical social worker, which typically involves helping adults and children with psychological care. Similar positions, such as that of a psychologist, can also be performed remotely today. One thing to keep in mind is that a master’s degree may be required, even for social workers.. Additionally, while these jobs can be done remotely, they generally require licenses in the states where the individuals will be practicing.

5.- White hat hacker

A white hat hacker too known as ethical hackeris someone who intentionally searches for weaknesses in applications that could be exploited.

Then that person works to find solutions that help eliminate the weaknesses. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has a job offer that falls under this umbrella and requires two years of experience. It is estimated that a job similar to Meta pays at least $60 per hour.

6.- Full stack software engineer

A full-stack developer or software engineer refers to someone who can develop both client and server software. “Full-stack” refers to this dual capability; these developers are not uniquely capable in one area or another.

As per usual, must know HTML and CSSin addition to other popular programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, PHP and SQL. However, it is possible to find a position at least hybrid remotely and requiring only one year of experience.

7.- Owner of the technical project

This job title is another general title; but, in general, the responsibilities should be similar to those of a technical project manager. This means analyzing and gathering software requirements and overseeing technical projects for businesses, as well as collaborating with multiple project managers on the development of large projects.

Even though these jobs can be very well paid and remote, may require extensive experience. For example, Panasonic Avionics Corporation has a job posting for this type of position that requires more than 12 years of experience.

8.- Business intelligence analyst

A business intelligence analyst examines data to produce financial and market information reports. These reports highlight market patterns and trends, helping to inform trading decisions.

Your day-to-day tasks may include data-intensive technologies such as data mining and data visualization. The role may also include responsibilities such as reporting to management and daily data monitoring.


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