Restoration work is progressing

Restoration work is progressing on the fast barge. The workers of the company in charge of the work carried out meticulous work on the wooden structure which suffered for decades from bad weather, climate and vandalism. It’s that the barge is protected by a declaration of provincial and municipal interest, but for years it has not been protected or restored or anything. At the beginning of 2019, it was the subject of graffiti by a group of young people belonging to a religious congregation, who, without understanding the damage to heritage, thought they were decorating and embellishing the nave. But no, according to Law 3138/10 on the protection of cultural heritage, making graffiti or graffiti on property declared cultural heritage of the province is a crime. Repeatedly, they apologized knowing that there was no bad faith and that no one had ever invested funds in the protection or improvement of this historic vessel.

Its restoration has always been a pending project for the region of Cultural heritage of the provincebut finally the Municipality put the bag and began the relevant steps for its intervention.

It should be noted that this barge, “la chata”, located on the Costanera, along with other identical ones, was part of a fleet belonging to the Swift Refrigerator. It was used to transport the material that was later commercialized, it is located on Almirante Brown Avenue and is considered a historical cultural manifestation. The wooden barge belonged to the wharf of the old Swift meat processing plant, which was built in 1910. The shipment of the meat took place as follows: the raw material was loaded by steam cranes onto the barges that carried them to the caponeros ships. In the 1970s, for various reasons, mainly economic problems, the Swift refrigerator went bankrupt and the facilities were abandoned and the wooden barge stopped working.

First, the mayor announced that its recovery would be part of the Global Plan of works and works that are being carried out in the Costanera. This project includes urban infrastructure works, such as the repair of walls, cordons and sidewalks, as well as lighting (at the beginning of the year the corroded poles of the estuary were lowered). Also the works carried out on the monuments (that of the tango, the heart, the monumental letters), the gastronomic market, the tax dock, the new building of the Casa de la Juventud. the Cultural Boat, the planetarium, the playground, etc.

Then, the planning secretary of the municipality, the architect Horacio Capel, opportunely explained in Southern Time WhatAfter being the victim of hundreds of acts of vandalism, the Town Hall has begun its restoration so that, in this way, it returns to its original state”. To this end, not only the restoration work was tendered, but also a walk in which the story of the “Swift” refrigerator is told through panels. “The idea is to keep it again, some missing parts of wood will be reconstituted and they will upgrade it.”

Regarding the progress, it can be seen that all the wooden parts have been cleaned, with restoration products and techniques, such as sandblasting and sandblasting. A part has been badly damaged by graffiti and paintings which are not typical of the houseboat. The interior has also been cleaned and soon the wooden parts that were damaged will be replaced, rebuilding the upper part, quite deteriorated by time. Finally, the idea is to do a treatment with special products for the nautical part, to restore the wood again”. Irrigation system, perimeter fences, reforestation and lighting are part of this initiative which aims to be presented to the inhabitants during the celebrations of the 137th anniversary of the city.


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