Restoration work on the Condor has begun: Mendoza Government Press

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Nora Vicario, received Orlando Leytes, who will be in charge of promoting this work which will be located in its place of origin, in the Eastern access.

During the meeting, the young architect and sculptor Orlando Leytes was presented with the head of this monument and it now sits in the artist’s studio, where reconstruction work began.

Once all the administrative procedures were completed, the declaration of cultural heritage of the province by the Provincial Heritage Directorate with the endorsement of the Provincial Heritage Council and the corresponding agreements, the work formally began. The specialists underline this extremely important declaration, “to adequately protect the Monument to the Condor of the Andes, located in the Eastern access”.

The purpose of the repair is to maintain the original figure of the condor and to guarantee a work that offers greater resistance to the vagaries of the weather.

In this regard, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Nora Vicario, explained: “As requested by Governor Rodolfo Suarez, we have begun to restore and recover this work which represents the men and women of Mendoza, and which is also a traditional postcard of one of the income in Mendoza”.

Horacio Chiavazza, Director of Cultural Heritage and Museums, underlined: “The work of restoring the Condor began with the treatment in the workshop of the remains that remained of the head that collapsed. There, Orlando Leytes, l visual artist and architect, will be in charge of these restoration works, he analyzes the materiality, which involves a process of several years of poor restoration practices and, on this basis, he designs the head that will replace this one, which is destroyed, but at the same time it will be rebuilt to take molds”.

“Once with this element, there is a very intense work process in what is a scaffolding assembly, of all this it is the infrastructure that will allow the implantation of this new head with an adjustment to the body structure. del Cóndor , which also broke down. This frame is very damaged and had become very heavy due to previous restorations. The rest of the body which will also be treated, painted and above all adjusted in order to prevent two situations, l “one to carry out the maintenance and, on the other hand, to guarantee the stability of the monument. The painting, the arrangement of the lighting system will complete the work of enhancement of the Condor”, concluded the director.

For his part, the architect Orlando Leytes declared: “I am very happy and excited to start this project, which is very ambitious. I focus a lot on him to be able to do a very good job. The program has two stages: a stage in the workshop, which consists of rebuilding the head with a stronger and lighter material, and the supports next to the body of the sculpture. Thereafter, will come the work with the scaffolding then the base, the light fixture and the sculpture itself. Now I’m also working with all the necessary documentation to deliver it with a report on how it was done. I work mainly with iron, cement with plastic fiber, among other materials that guarantee durability so that we have our Condor for a long time. In addition, a general cleaning of the structure will be carried out, the reconstruction of the missing parts, restoring the original colors and preserving it with the help of a special lacquer, which guarantees durability”.

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