Santa Marta begins the work of conditioning schools and children’s school ✔️

  • These are the tasks related to the maintenance of the facilities that the centers themselves are requesting for the start of the academic year.

The Municipality of Santa Marta de Tormes started working on renovation of educational centers of the municipality which each year undertakes in the summer for the development of the schools and the Nursery School for the new curriculum. These are the tasks related to the maintenance of the facilities that the centers themselves request from the municipal managers and which, in addition to the needs of each center, always include the revision of the plumbing and the electrical system, as well as the cleaning and cleaning of outdoor areas.

In the case of the outer zone of the Carmen Martin Gaité School, one of the bathroom doors will be painted, switches will be installed in the courtyard warehouses and badges will be installed on the boiler door, and the cables from the interior facade of the building next to the dining room will be fixed. In addition, the gutter located at the main entrance of the Primary building will be repaired, a railing will be installed on the left side of the entrance to the dining room, the fabrics of the blinds in the director’s office will be replaced and the lines will be painted to allow three pickleball courts on the soccer field.

As for the interior area of ​​the school, we will proceed to place anti-slip tape on the stairs, the ground floor hallway of the main building will be repainted and the library will be refurbished with the tables that were removed to convert it into a shared room during the pandemic. In addition, various sockets and fluorescent lamps will be checked, as well as the windows and the anchoring of the shelves in the classroom. The light switch area of ​​all classrooms will also be painted and the floors cleaned.

With regard to the work to be carried out in the CEIP San Blas, the exterior wall of the boiler room of the Infantile building will be painted, as well as the corridor of the classroom for 3-year-old children, in addition to revising some paintings of the tracks in the primary playground and painting the wall of the track 2. The painting of the classrooms will also be checked in case it is necessary to repaint them. On the other hand, the bathrooms and the base of the pavilion will be painted and a bell line will be placed which will ring on track 3. With regard to the outdoor space, the Primary playground will be cleared and cleaned and the Infant’s lawn the play area will be tidy.

In the Miguel Hernandez School For its part, the letters of the name of the school which is on the facade will be reviewed and the columns of the porch will be painted. Additionally, the floor of the main building will be cleaned to remove any remaining COVID signage.

They will also undertake kindergarten development work, which recently published a spectacular fresco that covers its entire facade. In the facilities of the nursery, the classroom of the dream will be painted, the awnings of the outdoor patios will be installed, which will also be cleaned and cleared, the bathrooms and the security systems of the doors will be checked, replacing those that are in bad condition. In addition, security profiles will be installed in the corners of the patios and all the doors will be adjusted.

“These are very necessary works for the maintenance of the facilities, which is also obliged to be done in the summer, when they are empty. As always, we try to respond to the requests of the centers to the extent of our possibilities and also of our skills,” explained Marta Labrador, Development Advisor.

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