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A large number of cordovans take advantage of the summer to work in seasonal businesssuch as swimming pools or summer cinemas, or in the hotel sector, either by abandoning the sector that occupies them the rest of the year, or, like many studentsto enjoy the holidays and Generate income they need during the course.

The latter is the case of Enrique Pulidostudent in Córdoba of the higher cycle of social integration, who works as waiter in Menorca during summer. Pulido explains that he works in the summer “to to be able to continue to pay for my studies and the apartment in which I stay”, and which is a common practice for him every summer, whether in the hospitality industry or as a storekeeper, “in distribution, distribution and placing orders”, he comments. -he.

ice cream | Fernando Navarro prepares an ice cream behind the counter. CORDOBA

Pulido explains that his decision to go to work in Menorca during these months is motivated by the poor working conditions observed in Andalusiaand assures that “I did not come here for pleasure, but rather out of necessity, it is the only place where I have found good conditions, with which, even if you work 48 hours per weekThey pay you a good salary.” “I came across places where you are not registered with social security, where the only contract that exists is oral, with working hours. 12 or 13 hours in a row and at 5 or 6 euros per hour“, he denounces, and adds that there are many Andalusians who go to the islands in summer, “from Cordoba and Seville especially”.

An almost exclusive job during the summer period is that of lifeguard. Ivan Reifswhich was Lifeguard during the month of July in La Carlota and that he works the rest of the year in the hotel business and as a monitor, he comments that he has been working as a lifeguard “since try something new and change the routine“, and adds that it is “a very temporary job, for a summer when you need or want to work”. Reifs indicates that in August he did not continue in his position as a lifeguard “because it is a I work very hardin which you have to be on alert all the time, even if nothing is happening”.

Server | Enrique Pulido, student, is working this summer in Menorca. CORDOBA

Eduardo Jose Baenawho has been working as a lifeguard for two years public pool located on Calle Marbella, agrees that it is exhausting work. “It is true that there are many hours, and even if we are under an umbrella, the heat affects it”, he comments, even if he assures that it is a job that he likes, “because can you help the others are having a good time and nothing happens to them.

Baena explains that the other summers he also worked as cleaner in the city ​​hall and who works as a lifeguard “because i needed the jobfor the rest of the year I live with what I earn as a footballer at Atlético Espeleño, and here the conditions are good, and the hours you work are paid».

Besides swimming pools and bars, another of the icons of summer in Córdoba are the summer cinemaswhere olivan angel is a blockbuster, with the intention of generating additional revenue during the summer. Oliván, who joined this job this summer, says that since he found out they were looking for workers, he showed enthusiastic“because, as a child, I went to the cinema a lot in the summer and I liked them”, and that passionate about working with the public. “What I love the most is when you treat a customer politely and they respond with a good face and politeness,” says Oliván.

Swimming pools | Eduardo José Baena is a lifeguard. CORDOBA

Also in these cinemas he works as projectionist José Cuadrado, who held this position all his life. “I inherited this job from my father, who was also a projectionist,” he says.I went up to the projector with him and I liked it“. Since then, he has carried out this work, which is essential in cinemas, for 20 years, including 14 in summer cinemas.

For the rest of the year, Cuadrado explains that he “jumps from acting to acting, and expands his professional training”, since, due to digitalisation, “I haven’t worked in multiplexes since 2010, since the use of computer files is no longer manual work”. “It’s a work that is lost, now we use digital programs that can be managed from a computer,” he adds.

José Cuadrado is a projectionist at the Fuenseca cinema. CHENCHO MARTINEZ

Changes in glaciers

The case of ice cream parlors is different, which although a few years ago was a seasonal activity, the increase in ice cream consumption has led them to now open all year round or most of it. Joseph Castilemanager of the Antiu Xixona Córdoba ice cream parlour, explains that the the model “is practically the same throughout the year”. Castilla started working in the ice cream sector when he was still a minor and assures that since “I did not go there, I have been in the ice cream sector since the age of 15, always full time “.

Likewise, Helados Navarro has also joined this trend. Its manager, Fernando Navarro, explains that they are open almost all year round, except in winter “when the bad weather is too bad”, he specifies. “Since 1942, when my grandfather opened it, until 4 or 5 years ago, we were open from March to September.“, he adds, “it has always been a seasonal business”. Navarro comments that the change came about because customers “consume more and more in winter”, in addition to the fact that they have included other products, such as liqueurs or soft drinks. When asked if they expand the workforce during the busiest months, he assures that “throughout the year we are the same, me and a guy who gives me a hand”.


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