Sentenced to 59 years in prison for raping six women he lured with fake job offers

A serial rapist has been sentenced to 59 years in prison for sexually assaulting six women he lured to the Madrid town of Valdemoro with fake job offers. Madrid Provincial Court found him guilty of six rapes of vulnerable women who responded to his ads, but judges suspect there could be dozens of victims of this sexual predator: Investigators have found 9,000 photos and digitized documents of more women under identical conditions. circumstances to the six women who finally decided to denounce him. The sentence, which has already been appealed by the convict, establishes an effective maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

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All the victims reported a similar situation. They saw an ad on the internet with job offers for housework, masseuse or direct prostitution. They went by bus to Valdemoro and there they were received by the same man, who, under the pretext of having premises under construction, took the women to his house. They all encountered the same pattern: women in need, often alone in Spain and with several dependent children, with a great need to earn some money. One of them, for example, had her husband in prison. Another had three young children to take care of on her own.

What the victims did not know was that behind the fake job offer, the fake office under construction and the fake identity was a sex offender who had previous convictions for sexual abuse in the past and who at that time accurate was receiving legal aid suspension of his last step on the bench. Once at his home, the sexual aggressor threatened the victims, forced them to submit to photo shoots of a sexual nature and then, sometimes beaten, raped them.

The threats that Justice declares proven had a very specific origin and objective: to let the women he had raped know that, if they spoke, there would be consequences. One of them had to move and change his children’s school. Another, after confessing that she was illegal in our country, heard her rapist say that “if I kill you, I will throw you in a bag and no one will know about you”. He accompanied one of them by bus to her home to try to find out where she lived. “Be very careful with the tongue,” he warned another of the women to avoid complaint.

The strategy of intimidating his victims after raping them worked until one of them had to go to the hospital and from there an investigation by the Civil Guard began which resulted in resulted in his arrest and preventive detention in January 2020. Three years after the first detected violation. The first woman to appear in court led investigators through Valdemoro to identify areas of the city south of Madrid where she had been with the rapist. The Civil Guard made his arrest public, followed by complaints from five other victims. But the sentence tells that it was not easy. One of them, for example, vomited during a panic attack even inside the barracks before signing the complaint.

The result is a 59-year prison sentence signed by Madrid Provincial Court for six crimes of sexual assault, although judges set a maximum effective sentence of 20 years behind bars. The sentence, which has already been appealed by the rapist in the Superior Court of Justice, also includes compensation and restraining orders for the plaintiffs and expresses concern that in reality there are many more women who were victims of this serial rapist: “There are relevant indications of a very stable performance over time and compared to many other people, as verified by the numerical analysis carried out, both vis-à-vis of the defendant’s computer and mobile phone”, warn the judges. They have already challenged the doomed appeal, according to sources on the record.

Investigators located “more than 9,000 photographs of women in positions identical or very similar to those of the complainants here, as well as photographs of personal documents”, explains the Madrid court. When the Civil Guard issued his arrest and preventive detention, three years after the first attack, initial reports spoke of four crimes of sexual assault and he was eventually found guilty of raping six women with the same strategy.

The “safety” of victims

Justice gives all its credibility to the account of these six women in the face of the different exculpatory versions of the rapist, who went from saying during the investigation phase that they were prostitutes whom he had paid to affirming at the trial that he had had consensual relationships. with them. Faced with this, the Madrid court highlights the “commendable” investigation and the “safety” in the declaration of a group of women who did not know each other and that the only thing they had in common was that they had fallen between the claws of this predator. sexual. That and his situation of vulnerability which he, according to the judges, took advantage of.

An “obvious coincidence in the modus operandi”, describes the sentence. The accused “turned to the deception of offering non-existent jobs, knowing and taking advantage of the stimulus it meant for people who came to the website in need” and deployed a “strategy of secrecy” by using a false name and inventing that his company’s headquarters were under construction.

Some of the women ended up submitting to his abuse and assault because of the fear his threats aroused and because of the high degree of intimidation he achieved by taking them to a secluded place, taking them in a photo and implying that if he did anything for them, no one I would ask about them. “The submission obtained by means of intimidation cannot be presented as a free acceptance of sexual acts in a scenario of domination which has hindered the capacity of reaction of the victims”, consider the judges. They could not report because he, they explain, kept all their personal data.


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