Sentenced to six years in prison and 135 days of community service for keeping his ex at home for four days


Without last minute surprises, the court of Valladolid hosted an appearance this Tuesday in which the accused of having detained his ex-partner for four days in his apartment, Aarón HG, ratified the agreement reached with the prosecutor in the case of accepting a sentence of six years and one month in prison, instead of the thirteen that the prosecution initially demanded against him.

In addition to the offense of illegal detention, the aforementioned individual was also recognized as the perpetrator of others for violation of sentence, threats, two of ill-treatment, one of coercion and another of insults, with which, in addition to the sentence deprivation of liberty for more than six years, assumed the ban on approaching the victim and communicating with her for a period of 15 years, a total of 135 days of work for the benefit of the community, a fine of 1 620 euros and payment to Sacyl of 101.41 euros for the costs of care for the woman.

His brother José Ramón, who faced five years in prison, also accepted a lighter sentence, in this case two years as an accomplice to the crime of illegal detention, as well as a ban on approaching the victim and communicating with him. her for free. .. six years, according to the agreement collected by Europa Press.

The main defendant had a relationship with the victim for almost a year, between January and November 20, 2021. Two days after the breakup, the Court of violence against women issued a protective order which prohibits approaching Aarón at her home on the occasion of the complaint she had lodged.

Despite this, on December 13, the accused approached her in Portillo de Balboa street when she was going to work in a cafeteria and, after being recriminated by the victim, threatened to kill her parents and her brother and to prepare her in said establishment.

Seeing a police car on the scene, Aarón ran out of the scene, but not before snatching his ex’s house keys from his bag and warning him that he would kill her if she denounced him.

At the end of the working day, the woman was again approached on the street by her ex and, after now threatening to kill her pets, he forced her to go to the police station to tell the police that the person who had approached her when she went to work was her brother José Ramón, the other co-defendant.

Leaving the police station, Aarón and his ex-partner went to her house, where they spent the night, but when the next morning the woman was about to leave to go to work, the defendant pulled her away. prevented and left her locked up. at the top. She asked for help by texting her captor’s brother, who brought them food on the 15th but did nothing to prevent their captivity from continuing.


The confinement lasted until the 17th, with tense hours during which Aarón, suspecting a new relationship between the woman and her boss, warned that he would only let her out if she confessed who the person she loved was. .

It was finally the same day that she, by an oversight of her supposed jailer, managed to run away from home to go to the cafeteria to collect the indemnity, since she had been dismissed for not having gone work, then she took refuge with her husband, her grandmother. Meanwhile, Aaron kept texting her calling her a whore and demanding she come home.

Not content with this, the accused showed up at dawn on December 18 at the home of the victim’s grandmother, broke down the front door and once inside, seized and destroyed the mobile phone the woman had made the call with. hair, threw her on the bed and slapped her.

The grandmother, meanwhile, begged Aaron not to hit her granddaughter, who he dragged back to the house where she had been held for four days. There he cut his arm and chest.

This situation ended with the arrival of the police, despite the fact that initially the accused threatened the victim not to open the door to the officers. He did this by putting a knife to his cat and then to his own ex-partner, although he eventually gave up and allowed her to open the door after checking that the police were already about to enter in the flat.

As a result of these events, the victim suffered various bruises and an anxiety attack for which he had to be treated.

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