Sestao launches a new call for tenders for the works of the Galindo football pitches

The construction project of improvement of Galindo football pitches It is going back to tender after the previous competition for the presentation of proposals to undertake these works in great demand by football clubs and football fans in the city of Sestaoarra was cancelled. The new deadline for submitting proposals for these works will be open until the next day 28 and will have a maximum budget of 3.5 million euros800,000 euros more than the maximum amount stipulated in the previous call for tenders.

This increase in the maximum budget for the works was made after the analysis carried out by the municipal technicians once the previous bidding process sucked, given that the only proposal that was presented did not meet the conditions that the City Council of Sestao had set in the specifications. In this sense, the technicians’ analysis pointed out that the main reason why no company presented valid offers in said tender was the economic aspect. And it is that with the current scenario of inflation and rising prices of materials, the maximum budget estimated in the first place by the Consistory of Sestaoarra could have stopped the presentation of proposals by the various companies. Now, making a new calculation of the maximum amount that these works could have, it is expected that various projects will be received so that, as soon as possible, these works can begin to be carried out, which would mean that Sestao has taken a major step forward in terms of municipal sports facilities.

New call for tenders. The City Council of Sestao has again issued a tender for the Galindo football pitch improvement project after the previous tender was declared void. Only one offer was received, which also did not comply with the specifications set by the Consistory.

3.5 million. The local administration has set a maximum budget of 3.5 million euros for this project. This amount is 700,000 euros higher than the previous budget.

Likewise, within the 3.5 million euros that the Consistory of Sestaoarra has set as the maximum amount for carrying out the work, the drafting of the construction project and its execution. On the contrary, and following the opinion of the Order of Architects, the project management contract was not included in this budget item. When a company is found to carry out the work, an essential step will be taken to ensure that Sestao once again enjoys high quality football facilities in Galindo. To do this, it will be necessary to do a deep job of improving the this equipment which has almost two decades of life.

Thus, in the first place, the problems of stability of the surface of football pitches which arose as a result of the construction site of the Ballonti Axis. Once the firmness of these facilities is ideal, it will be time to replace the synthetic turf of the two soccer fields that make up this equipment. The improvement of the football pitches in Galindo will not only be reflected on the pitch itself, but various tasks will also be carried out beyond the pitches. In this way, the execution of this project will also serve to improve the entire lighting system of these facilities, works that will allow better use of the fields when the sunlight falls. Finally, new changing rooms will also be created to help improve the experience of playing football on these pitches even before the start of matches or training.


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