Seville neighbor finds work after returning money to pensioner

“Everyone gives what he receives, then receives what he gives”, says a song by Jorge Drexler. This story, the story of Estrella, fulfills all the conditions to be a good example of the theme of the Uruguayan singer. Estrella Yedra, a Sevillian mother of two children, one of whom is disabled, returned home last Tuesday with one of her children. She pushed the little boy’s cart through the streets of Cerro-Amate, one of the most modest neighborhoods in Spain. It was about ten o’clock in the evening, and as he was crossing a neighborhood park, the wheels of the cart rolled over a rather thick sheet of paper. As it caught her eye, he bent down to pick it up. It was a special package and inside there was about 500 euros.

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Who could it belong to? In a neighborhood where the per capita income of neighbors borders on poverty in many homes, it was clear that someone in dire need had lost it. Moreover, Estrella did not miss the possibility that, since it was precisely the end of the month and knowing the custom of the elderly to withdraw the money from the pension to have it in cash, a person had lost the amount on the way between the bank and the house.

And it was exactly like that. A few hours before Estrella found the money, an 84-year-old woman with reduced mobility was walking with her walker in the same park. Without realizing it, the envelope with the money fell on the floor. He came home around five o’clock in the afternoon to take his daily nap, and when he woke up he found that he had missed his paycheck, he had lost it. As much as I looked for it, it didn’t show up.

Directly to the local police

From the time the old woman dropped the money until Estrella found it, no one noticed this package which contained an old woman’s entire month. Estrella made the decision “that I had to make, because I couldn’t sleep with money in my house that didn’t belong to me.” He drove to the neighborhood’s local police headquarters and told officers what he found and where.

He gave them all the details possible, then they informed him that the money would be deposited for several days in their premises, before being transferred to another point in the city. If in a year no one claimed it, it would become theirs. But Estrella was not interested in that, because she was sure that the almost 500 euros, 490 in particular, belonged to someone who really needed it.

Social media help

The Police immediately launched the search protocol via social networks. This had to be done carefully, without giving clues to possible thieves, so that someone else would not claim the money. The person who would pick it up would have to say the exact amount of the package, or the number of tickets and their distribution (50 euros, 20…). But, in addition, the agents had another factor: the packaging in which the money was was particular, easy to describe for the one who had lost it. So it spread the following message via social networks of the emergencies of the town hall of Seville: “A resident of Cerro Amate handed over to the local police district a large sum of money found in a playground in Juan Carvallo street. It has been placed at the disposal of whoever turns out to be its owner. All that remained was to wait.

Social networks then worked their magic. Something the old woman had never seen, but her granddaughter had, who was instructed to tell her that a woman had presented herself to the local police with “a significant sum of money”.

It was a few minutes before eleven o’clock at night when the woman and her granddaughter showed up at the police station. He only had to give some information on the description of the package, say how much money was inside and it was clear that it was his. His nightmare was over. When the local police called her to say, “I’ve had enough of crying,” she admits.

Without work neither she nor her partner

When Estrella explained to the media what the personal situation was at home, it became clear that her gesture had even more value: neither she nor her spouse had a job, and only welfare was an income. monthly. In addition, one of his children has a physical disability that requires him to undergo therapy since birth. With just enough to live with dignity, he had given up 490 euros.

The same social networks that had worked to find the old woman, were launched to help Estrella and her husband: they had to find work for these people. He is a construction worker, wheelbarrow driver, electrical expert… and she has all the experience in the world in jobs related to the home or home help. The message posted on Twitter to help him had exceeded one million views on Friday morning.

Money recovered and job found

Of course, the first thing was to find out if the couple needed help in carrying out the therapies for the child, who is now four years old. This part, for the moment, is covered by Social Security, which guarantees childcare until the child is six years old, so there is a margin of 24 months so that, for the right now, it’s not an emergency.

Estrella thanked her for helping her son and didn’t even mention what she needed. Reluctantly, he agreed to hand over his resume. All that remained was to wait.

Although the goal was to find work for the couple, one of the first responses was not precisely for this. Spanish-British pianist James Rhodes, who has lived in Madrid for several years, understood the message and did not hesitate. Apart from other things, he understood that the young woman deserved to “recover” the money which he had given to the police. So he located her phone number, and before talking to her, in anticipation of her refusal, he sent her 500 euros via Bizum. Then he sent him a WhatsApp message telling him what he had done and congratulating him on his gesture.

Rhodes highlighted the woman’s “excited and grateful” attitude and called on anyone who might offer the couple a job to contact her as soon as possible.

A few hours later, the job Estrella needed arrived. She was contacted by officials from the company CLECE, which is involved in, among other things, care for the elderly, educational services and social services, and they immediately reached an agreement for her to join them in the most promptly.

At 40, Estrella says few more exciting things have happened to her. But that’s just getting started, because, as the song says, everyone “gets what they give” and because officers patrolling the neighborhood nominated her for the award of the Police Merit Cross. local community for its gesture of solidarity.


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