Sochipa rewards the best scientific work

As part of its recent congress where 85 technical papers were received.

The recent version of the XLVII Annual Congress of the Chilean Society of Animal Production, SOCHIPA 2022, was held with great appeal. The activity took place over three days, from November 29 to December 1 virtually.

This new version included the presentation of 85 scientific articles or technical summaries, presented by academics, researchers, students and professionals from the world of animal production.

SOCHIPA’s Annual Congress was organized by the INIA Tamel Aike Regional Research Center, in the Aysén region, with the participation of 130 professionals and students from the region, and the presentation of four foreign researchers during the symposium.

Regarding the experience that this activity left behind, the outgoing president of SOCHIPA, Osvaldo Teuber, said that it was a very good congress.

“I am grateful for the support we have received from our colleagues at INIA Tamel Aike and other regional INIA centres, the work of the various committees and our current 132 active and honorary members. We also acknowledge the support of our sponsors, Barenbrug, TCL, Ferosor, Agrosuper, Cooprinsem, Veterquímica, Empresas IANSA, Anasac, SG-2000, SQMC, INIA Educa and Watts, for their ongoing support and for the active participation of professionals and technicians of our sponsors, in the activities of our congress”.


For this congress, 85 papers or technical syntheses were selected, including 31 relating to animal nutrition and feed, 13 to genetics, reproduction and animal health, 23 to pastures and fodder and 18 to production systems and case studies. These works are evaluated by professional members of SOCHIPA and the best works are defined in each of the thematic tables, which will be awarded at the next 2023 congress, to be held in person in the city of Valdivia, organized by the University of Chile of South. .

During this congress, the best works of the SOCHIPA 2021 congress were rewarded, namely:

Animal nutrition and feed

“Expression of taste energy receptors in different tissues of the gastrointestinal tract of broiler chickens”. Authors: Paloma Cordero, Javiera Salgado, Miguel Guzmán and Sergio Guzmán-Pino, from the University of Chile.

Genetics and animal reproduction

“Effect of ordinal calving number on milk production and biological efficiency in Jersey x New Zealand Holstein Cross cows. I Milk Production. Authors: Humberto González, Claudia Mella, Giorgio Castellaro and Héctor Uribe, University of Chile.

“Effect of ordinal number of calving on the biological efficiency of milk production in Jersey x New Zealand Holstein Cross cows. II. Biological efficiency. Authors Humberto González, Claudia Mella, Giorgio Castellaro and Héctor Uribe, of the University of Chile.

“Natural fertility of Mapuche Kolloncas chicken eggs”. Authors: Gastón Sepúlveda, John Quiñones, Rommy Díaz and Néstor Sepúlveda, from the University of La Frontera.

Meadows and fodder

“Phosphorus utilization efficiency of forage maize, using different sources of phosphorus fertilization in an andisol of southern Chile”. Authors: Dante Pinochet, Jorge Lezcano and Jermán Carrasco, from the Austral University of Chile.

“Persistence of different nitrogenous formulations after foliar application in Lolium perenne L.”. Authors: Marta Alfaro, Francisco Salazar, Jaime Mejías, Sara Hube, Luis Ramírez, Marion Rodríguez, Alejandra Jiménez and Boris Nieto, from INIA Remehue.

Production systems and case studies

“Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Pasture-Based Bovine Milk Production Systems: A Case Study”. Authors: Ignacio Beltrán, Francisco Salazar, Marta Alfaro, Sergio Iraira, from INIA Remehue.

Animal welfare and product quality

“Preliminary results for the relationship between wool fatty acids, muscle and backfat of Suffolk lambs”. Authors: Karla Inostroza, Silvana Bravo and Néstor Sepúlveda, from the Universidad de la Frontera y Austral de Chile.

The attribution of the scientific/technical communications presented at each congress is done to encourage the realization and the presentation of a scientific research of good level, thus recognizing the authors or working groups concerned with the level and the scientific quality of what they develop from their different institutions, universities and/or companies.

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